Western PA, Eastern OH thrift shopping, Flea Marketing, Antiquing

thrift_shop_romanticFebruary 15, 2007

Hi folks-

I'm big into thrifting, flea marketing and antiquing and have been trying to pull together good resources for all of the above sort of as an extra "goody" on my blog site.

I was wondering if any of you all in the Western PA, Eastern Ohio area had some favorites you'd be interested in sharing. Or, if not, you're certainly and absolutely free to enjoy the ones I already have there.

My current lists are here in the "Resources" section:


They're grouped by Thrift Stores, Flea Markets, Antique Shops, etc.

I just figure so many of these types of places don't have web sites of their own and it's hard to get info on them. So it would be good to pull what I could together.

Best Regards to you all,



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im not from that area, but this is an awesome Idea to put your favorite flea market thrift store etc in your area....I Travel alot and it would be cool to find flea markets if I have the time to go to one, out of state...see now if Im ever in your area I know where to go!

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Thanks, Mojo... I'm finding it's kind of hard to get folks to respond, though. I don't know if there just aren't a lot of people from my area online in the forums, or folks just want to keep their favorite fleas, antiques places and thrifts their own little secrets.

Their choice, of course-- but most people have very distinct taste and collections anyway-- so it's not like sharing will really make it harder to find stuff personally.

Oh well. I'll continue to do detective work and try out these places on my own. Ah, the joy of RandMcNalley! :-)

Have a good one,

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Thats a great Idea I am in NH and would love a list like that for New England
hmmm maybe I can find time to compile
love your ideas also
where did you start your website and is it hard to maintain?

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Hi, Gardener64-
I'm on a Mac system, so I'm using iWeb, which is a web design program they launched within the last year or so.

The program seems easy and has some great features, but it also has had some issues I've had to get support and work-arounds for. So it's been a little challenging along the way.

I bet folks would love a New England list, sure! There's probably some great antiquing in your region.

Good luck to you with it!

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