Vintage Postcard - Pics

craftylady-2006February 10, 2007

These are pics of a Vintage postcard I picked up at an antique store. The first pic I "lightened" up in my photo program and in the second pic, I left it alone so there is no glare from the flash. There were several of them with the same embroidery and lace flap in different colors with different types of flowers and some had "France" on them. They were all signed "Charly" to his Love, "Olive" although this one does not have her name on it. And although not postmarked, the date of 1917 is written on them. This Gentleman must have been in France in WWI and bought them for his Sweetheart back home. How Romantic! I have another on hold at the antique store. --- Sal

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The postcards are wonderful. What a great find!! Linda

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Marvelous-- thanks so much for sharing, Linda! I love old postcards but have never seen any that are partially fabric and carrying a calling card like that. It's fascinating. Truly Victorian!


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Beautiful,I've never seen any like that before. Way to go :)

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How romantic. They sure don't make 'em like that anymore.
I love Victorian things - you got a great find !

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Oh WOW crafty! Those are amazing! What a find.
I have never seen anything like that.
Just beautiful!


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des_arc_ya_ya! Those are neat! I just can't help wondering how the story of Charley and Olive ended. I hope they married, had children and lived a happy life. Wish you could locate some of their family but "Charley" isn't a whole lot to work with, is it!? LOL

Enjoy - they are beautiful!

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