Bella...Head Mannequin Done!

ladyronnieMarch 30, 2009

Hey everybody! I still lurk in here occasionally :) Thought you might like to see my latest. Took me weeks! It belongs to my sister who barely started it then quit and asked me to finish. She will use her to display her handmade necklaces for sale. Bella's eyelashes are made of Sculpey. Should have used non-sanded grout for her "skin", and should have redone it to smooth it, oh well! Let me know if the links don't work.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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very pretty...

I do believe that she'll be de' bella de'ball.

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Bella is BEAUTFUL!!!!! Her necklaces will truly be ebhanced!!!

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Bella is a Bell. Well done

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WOW, fabulous!!
I just found this site the other day. I was googling "shabby chic mosaics" as that's my thing at the moment and always looking for ideas and inspiration and I found the Garden Junk forum here and now I've just found this forum YAY!!
I love your mannequin, I'm in the process of doing one with all mirror.
I'll check out more of everyones stuff here later when I have a bit more time.
Happy mosaicing!!

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Well it's about TIME you show up here!!!!!!!!!!!! Got an email from your Mom a few days ago, and I responded w/"I miss Ronnie, tell her hey for me". Have been thinking of you and Mom for such a long time - so nice to see you back. What a fabulous job on this mannequin. She has suuuuch an attitude. Great job on the eyelashes. What about the eyebrows??? I have some false ones around the workshop somewhere, in hopes I'll get inspired on one of the two heads I have. Bella is a good shot toward that inspiration. Welcome back, LADY.

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She is gorgeous! What a wonderful display!

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Thanks everyone, glad you like her!

DEAR DEAR SLOW! How I've missed you also! I think of you often, and what fun we had at your house! Sure would like to get down your way again one of these days. Mom hasn't mentioned that you emailed. I'll have to ask her about that.

Not sure what you're asking about the eyebrows. They are made from slivers of glass. My sister "requested" that I do the eyelashes from slivers, but I couldn't get them to break the way I wanted no matter how many I nipped! So I went with the Sculpey. I like how they are 3D even though nothing else is. Well, except, like, ALL of her! ha ha

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Well why don't you and Mom hop in your chariot and hustle on down here. You know you have bedrooms, and we can work on a project together. I have two head mannequins and a plastic half mannequin I need to work on. I LOVE the face on yours. One reason I haven't done the heads is, I want some kind of fancy hats, since I wear hats all the time, and can't come up w/a dazzling one.

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So make one out of concrete lath! That might be fun..?! But then your mannequin had probably be made of concrete also to hold it up! Before I got her grouted, Bella's neck had seemed to become a little wobbly with all the handling and flipping her back and forth I did while working on her. The grout did stiffen her up again.

About the hop in the chariot...BOY! is that ever inviting! We are entering our absolute busiest season here on the farm though, with strawberries probably starting in about two weeks! YIKES! They have NEVER been this early for us!

Well, after I typed that sentence I was going to go out and take a picture of a strawberry plant to show, but can't find my camera. My DH must have borrowed it and has it in his truck, and he's gone at the moment. Oh well. Maybe later.

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Here's a closeup of Bella's features. You can really see the sanded grout and how it's not deep enough (or too deep, depending on your perspective!) Just ignore that and admire her better qualities :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think she is fabulous! I love the smaller pieces on her eyelids and am totally impressed with the tiny slivers in her eyebrows. Beautiful.

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Great job on Bella! Such a looooong graceful neck! I love the job you did on the lashes, sculpey eh....looks great!

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OH I LOVE THE CLOSEUP. Those eyebrows and lashes are awesome. You do well w/everything you do. I was just thinking about how quickly you dove in and made that strawberry at the workshop, and how perfect it was. I'll bet you get lots of comments on it at your business. Wish I could visit you and eat a ton of berries and see your home. Have y'all been working on it much? Pictures, if you have done any more mosaicing on it, please.

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