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JamieFebruary 24, 2005

I want to post some things on freecycle, and possibly look for some items. There is a chapter for the town I live in. There are also chapters in a few very nearby towns. Do I have to join each individual chapter separately ? Is there a way to post to "all the chapters within 20 miles", for example?


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You have to be a member of each chapter to post on it or reply to any of the other offers or wanteds. You can use the same user name on as many chapters as you want so long sas no one else has that user name first. I make up my offers and wanteds on word pad first then just copy and paste to each chapter I want the items on.
Happy Freecycling!

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If you post messages from your email you can simply type in all the email addresses you want your post to go to and send one email to all of them at once. Keep in mind though that some Freecycle moderators do not appreciate it when members crosspost. You might want to just start with your local group and then post messages on the others if you don't get any local replies.

(Moderator Orlando Freecycle)

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WOW~~~Kewel~~~ I didn't know about the post by e-mail thing. Thanks Sally!
I usually post to my nearest. If there are no local takers I move it to ones further away.

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Sally, the group in the town next door is way bigger than mine. Is it a problem to anyone (moderators or members) if you post first to a town that your items are not in? I would then follow up later with my own town's list if the items did not go.

Thanks everybody!

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Jamies, I believe the items are yours to give away and you may give away to anyone, anywhere you please. I just wouldn't list items in more than 1 group at a time. IMO it is a matter of how far someone is willing to go to get an item they want. Local is easier and faster usually. My local group is VERY large now and things get going FAST.

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