SOURCES for used furniture, lighting etc etc.

EATREALFOODNovember 23, 2011

Hi All,

I have a few sources for various items that you might need for your renovation. Just b/c you live in a small house does not mean your thinking is small, we all like nice things. In fact if your bills are smaller b/c of the house(which is why I stayed where I am for so long) you can spend on other things and not worry too much w/o a BIG mortgage, utility bill, taxes, or maint. costs hanging over your head...ever wonder if all those enormous houses have furniture ?? HA !!! No Many do not. Read the book HOUSE LUST.

But I digress..

check out a location near you, they are worldwide. I bought a wood dining room set(w/ built in leaf) and 4 chairs$350, assorted old wooden chairs$20-$45, milk glass, mirror$125, vintage clock$20 oh and a German barometer$10. I also bought vintage glass light globes. Does anyone know where I can get mounting hardware to either flush mount or hang from ceiling ?

They ship nationwide. I bought my porcelain "Standard" cross handles mounted on shelf, wall mount sink(a few chips) for $500 and 18D, 25W 52"L castiron tub for $500. I did a lot of shopping around and for the cost of a good quality vanity this sink is a dream for my tiny bathroom. Also, manufacturers are not making these tubs in these sizes(what used to be standard) You can see underneath so the sink my husband can clean there, the tub I had to tile in w/ a marble remnant on top, it's too tight to clean there, so no clawfeet :(.

I'm sure someone has mentioned

Habitat's RESTORE also

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Fun link on the second one. Shopped way too long. Only got through part of the mirrors. My weakness.

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Go bake those pies , NOW or you will be tired tomorrow !!!

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I just realized that although Betel has shops worldwide they only have shops in the US in NY(at least that's what it looks like when I search) under "Betel of America stores/Nook and Crannie, if you are in this area...

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UGH Pies just got done and YES I am going to be tired tomorrow.

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