How to use tile nippers

charmoMarch 3, 2009

Hello everyone! Well, I just received my big tile order and I am almost ready to mosaic. I was wondering if any of you could give me "tricks" on how to use tile nippers. I have a book that has a couple liners of instructions which I tried but I doubt I was doing it right. Pieces of tiles were flying all over the place plus they wouldn't cut where I was aiming for. I found that the wheel cutters did a better job at cutting the tiles.

Anyhow, what do you all use for cutting your tiles (not glass), and anything tricks or something else I should know? Thanks again!

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Couldl you also recommend brand/types? I keep asking dh for his and he hasn't come up with them so I think I'll go buy my own.

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Just bumping so you see it!

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I have poor results using the tile nippers, but the one thing I did learn is to barely go in w/the tip of the nipper - not the whole blade. Also, I have the nipper w/the scoring wheel, and when I take my time on scoring, I get the best results using that one. All tiles aren't equal in breaking ease either. I bought a whole bunch of tiles from a surplus store, and some break beautifully crosswise, and some hardly at all. The glass wheeled nipper isn't meant to break tiles, but I have used them.

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Here's a link that should help.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic Merchantile

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I use my tile nippers all the time! The secret is to go at it easy...Don't force it. Eaaasssyyyy...and it sort of just cuts....They are about all I use. And with a little practice you can cut just about any size or shape with them.
My hubby gave me a wet saw for Christmas. I have yet to use it. Guess I better soon or he'll think I didn't like it!!! I have gobs of china plates I need to cut (another project) the edges with the saw. I will still cut them into smaller pieces with the nippers. They are truly my best friend...Cathy...

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Thanks everyone for the tips! Flagtruck, I printed the page on that link, it's really good info. I guess I'll keep up practicing and I'll get there.
Bear: Did it take you a while to get good at it? I find right now they kind of just brake and not where I want it to!

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Hi all. I'm new here and have done a few china plate mosaics. I also have trouble with the flat bladed nippers and wheel nippers. My current project was covering a silver teapot with plates. I put the picture from the center of the plate on each side of the teapot and covered the rest with small tiles from the plate. I discovered that cutting the small tiles with my tile saw was great! Don't be afraid of the tile saw - it's my best friend!!

However, there is a drawback to using the tile saw. It does take out some of the design but works great for background tiles. I'll be glad to answer any questions you might have about the tile saw.

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I'd love to see a picture of your silver teapot! I use alot of plate tesserae too and learned recently that's called Pique (pronounced "peek") Assiette! A fancy name for broken and found things, hm? Do show us a pic if you can!

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I prefer using a plain toolsteel pencil scourer, together with the nippers, rather than the wheel type scourer, as it's easier to control. I agree with Bearbubbacowboy - the secret with the nippers is always to take it easy - little bite by little bite.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mosaic Equipment

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