Hi would love some advice on these pics I painted

mojojojogrlnjFebruary 2, 2007

now be honest I can take it....I did the bird one but had to much blue so I sponged it In my opinion Im not crazy about the sponging any ideas on that...next the chocolatier one...I left it clear in one photo and put a black piece of cardboard in the next do you think a black background would be better? the last la belle...do you think the lace top is to much? thanks all for your help

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Hi, Mojojojogrlnj (so you paint cottage style art in between trying to take over Townesville, eh? Good to know you have layers. :-) )

Your paintings have a very pleasant upbeat tone to them, and nice color combinations. I like the bird composition in particular.

Re: the sponge painting does rather make the eye go to it instead of the central image. Would you consider using maybe a gold paint or leafing over it instead? I can see your desire to frame the image in the oval, and the overall yellow itself is nice. Something more solid would work well.

Regarding the black background, I suppose it depends on how/where it would be hanging. Clear gives it more versatility (if, say, this is something you're planning to sell/give to someone else), but the gold lettering stands out nicely on the black.

My opinion only but the lace on the last one looked fine-- it seemed to blend in appropriately so I didn't particularly notice it until I saw you'd mentioned it.

I totally understand your conundrums on these kinds of things; I have been working on improving my painting skills for a few years now, and when you're very close to the projects you're working on, it's hard to have perspective.

Lots of luck with it all. They're fun ideas you have there.

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i loved your web page! very nice products! I started mine but Im still working on it...its called at www.elegantrelic.com

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Hi Mojo, Very nice painting, all are quite lovely. I agree with Jenn on the sponged on yellow background. It looks like you had a white background and then just sponged on the yellow over the white. Try blending the colors on the sponge before sponging on your project. Practice on paper first. Something solid would be more eye catching to bring your look inwards at the beautiful blue bird and flowers. Maybe around the edge of the light blue, a dark blue color as if it were like a matte in a picture frame. Maybe even consider extending your greenery to come down from the top of the window into where it is now and a butterfly or two hovering in the yellow/white area (yes/no??).

I love the Chocolatier one, very beautiful. I think the words show up better without the black behind it and again, agree with Jenn as to where it is going to be placed.

I think the lace top is perfect. As your words are French, I think the lace adds a French romantic look to it.

You are a fantastic painter Mojo, you got what it takes girl.

Jenn - I too looked at your site, very beautiful transformations in your furniture and other items. Love that guest tray and purse. I adore that foot stool also. You've done a fantastic job on your projects.


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Very nice!

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Mojo and Sal-
Thanks much for the kind words-- glad you had fun on the site and thanks for stopping by.

I hope someday to have the knack Mojo has already shown on painting flowers (they're still tricky for me) but it's all a learning experience.

Mojo, your chocolatier piece makes me long for a bit of chocolate myself. :-) That window might inadvertently break many a diet!

Take care,

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Loved all the paintings, loved the lace.
The sponging-Its not "done" yet. Either continue with the yellow until you have it mostly covered-(so it doesnt look like little "balls" all over) or add a third color to blend it all together. Thats the problem, its not blended. It should look subtle when you are finished with just a speck or 2 here and there of the background color.
The paintings are fabulous, I really love your style, the more I look the more I like, especially the lace one.

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Mojo, haven't posted here before, mostly under decorative painting but would like to say your painting is lovely. However, the only problem I see with the sponge painting is it looks spotty to me. Sometimes if you dampen your background before sponging it will soften the effect. Also, there doesn't seem to be any separation from the oval of the bird to the sponging. You could do comman strokes or just a fine line to help delineate the oval.

The color combinations are great.

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Very pretty Mojo. Your painting all looks great, and the lace adds a nice touch. I agree with the others--work a little more on blending the sponging so it is not so obvious it is sponged--just a soft muted background that lets that great bird picture stand out as the star it is. Luvs

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thanks all still working on the bird picture....once Im done I will post pic...sometimes I just have to back away or I mess it up more lol...thanks all for the advice...I do appreciate it!

Here is a link that might be useful: Elegant Relic

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love love all of your paintings.do you ever sell them.love the bird one esp since my mother-n-law collects birds.judy

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hi cat yes I do sell my paintings, both on my online store www.elegantrelic.com and at stores in my area and in NC...I love birds...I have 4 that own me lol...so painting them is such a joy....I kinda got side tracked the past couple of weeks but I am gonna start on finishing the bluebird picture

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