sewing table base w/wood ironing board top

sherreeFebruary 12, 2005

This project was one where someone came to me and wanted me to do a table with this ironing board top. the base i got at an estate sale and they already had the wood ironing board top. i just spray painted the base and distressed the ironing board with a kit i had. this is a pic if it in her house.

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Kewl!!! keep all those great pictures a comin'

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I h ave 3 boards and one base and never ever thought of puttin a board on the base!!! Now,,,, do I have room for it??? this is beautiful and clever!!!

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I've got a base and am building a table top of antique southern yellow floor planks for it. It will be my sewing table. I also have the drawers and have used 2 of them so far by putting in 3 tall pillar candles; one of which is filled with river rock and the other stained glass tiles.

I get a lot of compliments on both.

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years ago my husband brought home 4 old sewing machines from Home Ec class discards....I only kept one and not the machine...I had enough of those in high school...ha ha.
But I did keep several of the drawers and just stack them on top of each other at an angle for display...can hide all kinds of stuff in them up on a shelf, lol. Mostly sewing supplies.
My MIL gave me a wooden ironing board long ago and I just leaned it again a corner entertaiment shelf to keep the little ones from getting behind the shelf and pulling cords...their little hands can get anywhere.

I also saw somewhere that someone used a metal ironing board to make a yard angel...they used scrap lumber for the arms and did not say what they use for head and wings, but I can improvise...I saw one around the corner in the trash and will get tomorrow if there. did not want to embarass the GS with his friends living there.

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