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young-gardenerNovember 4, 2010


I wanted to let you know that I saw a rain chain at Target for about 30 dollars the other day. I just looked on their website, and the ones I'm finding cost more. But, if there's a Target near you then you could check it out. I'd never found one that cheap before, so I'm planning to get DH one for Christmas.

Here's a link to what they have online.

Here is a link that might be useful: rain chains

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Hey, Young-un!
Those are some really nice ones too.
Most are just 6 feet long, and I bet that means you'd need
two of them to reach from your roofline down to a collection basin or splash block at the ground.

I've been thinking about a big old 55 gallon drum to sort of work as a .....what's the word.....water tank? I KNOW it, but think I must be tired now. To put below the chain.

Glad you remembered the folks here while you were shopping around. :)

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Thanks for sharing this. Those are the least expensive I have seen before. Perhaps as they become popular, more will show up and continue lower prices. I'm fairly certain Target never had them before. Now I can go look at them and see how their put together, or what they use.

Your right MOC about the length. They are short but always show them as looking very long. I don't get why the "plain" chains are expensive. Seems to me these could be bought for other uses at less cost.

I'm still intrigued though and will find a way. Either wait for a sale or find some in the mid of our snowy winter here...cheaper after the holidays.

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If it's the plain chain look you like, have you looked at getting chain from HD or Lowes? They sell it by the foot, and it's quite cheap.

It looks like I need to do some measuring before I make a purchase. :) Moc, I'm looking at rain barrels, too--- or knock offs, anyway. The real ones are so pricey.

I wonder if the rain chains have a piece to fill a good bit of the spot where the downspout usually attaches. Otherwise, wouldn't the water gush out?

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Emagineer, if you have any light weight chain left over from swagging a light fixture, I do not see why you could not at least attempt to use it before buying anything.

The chains I saw in Costa Rica were just regular link chain, and they were 20 feet long, and ended at the splash block. If you weighted the bottom to keep it from flapping around in high winds, why wouldn't a light chain work?

I have a lot of chain at home in AL, so I'm thinking about it myself. I just love doing experiments anyway. :)

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I could easily use the chains. Volunteer at ReStore and they always have it laying around. But am fascinated with the ones with bells as part of them for more sound of rain. That is why I say "wait" for a sale or find some similar used bells to make one. Something will come along and surprise me.

Gardener, there is a special attachment to the gutter for them. You can look it up, but they are simple wire hooks which hang on top of the gutter roof opening and the chain attaches to it.

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