Junk chair

carolssisFebruary 10, 2007

I found this chair on a junk pile. It looked pretty rough, but I loved the look of the frame. I dragged it home. Thinking I could replace the seat and back with macrame'. After taking it apart, I found the frame was drilled with holes for slats, so my honey suggested we use redwood slats. I sanded and painted the frame with a spray paint called hammered green. It sparkles with flecks of glitter and does look hammered. I liked the paint so well, I used hammered copper for my kitchen plant stands. After cutting and sanding the redwood slats, my honey attached them with new carrage bolts. I then decided to use spar varnish as it's an outside rocking chair, and the frame is steel. We love how well it turned out. I hope to be able to post a picture.

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Your chair sounds fantastic. Don't you just love when you can find something and the ideas just start coming like crazy. Can't wait to see that "hammered green" paint, sounds interesting.


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If I can just find out how to post a photo! Checking the site gives me no answers!

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carolssis, back in November, Anjabee posted info on posting pictures. It was in Tole and Decorative Painting and I tried it. It was so easy to do. I usually scan pictures because I haven't figured out how to hook up my new digital camera but her instructions were great. Here is what I was able to copy:

Hi everyone. Lets put some instructions on here to help other people post their pics. I just learned how myself so if I leave anything out or if there is a better way, please help!
I think you do have to put your pictures into a photo uploading site. I use www.photobucket.com and it's really easy to use and it's free. (If you know other free sites please put them up.) So get on over there right now and get signed up!! You just have to have a user name and password.

After you get signed up there will be a place there that says UPLOAD IMAGES AND VIDEOS. Hit the BROWSE button and it will open up the files on your computer. If you know which file you keep your pictures in, go to it. If you don't then get up and go ask someone!! :)

Double click on the picture you want to upload and it should show up in the box on photobucket(PB). It will say DESCRIBE IT so you just click there and write a description of the pic if you want to.

Underneath that you will see UPLOADING OPTIONS. Click on that and it will help you resize your pictures so they won't be humongous. I do the message board size. Then you just hit UPLOAD IT and your picture should be loaded on. (You can do more than one photo at a time if you hit ADD MORE IMAGES that is right under the BROWSE. It will open up about six of those and you fill them all up with your pics and then hit UPLOAD EM.)

Ok, now that you have uploaded your pics to a site here's what we do. I like to have 2 windows open while I'm doing the pictures. So go up to your toolbar at the top of your computer screen and hit FILE then NEW then WINDOW. Click on the tab for your new window down at the bottom of your screen and go to your picture uploading site. (ex:www.photobucket.com)
To post pics on the gallery side:

You go down and write in your message to post like you want it. To insert a picture you type in this...

(but only put a space in between img and src. When I type it right it won't let it show here for some reason)

Now you want to go over to your photobucket page and you will see below the picture you want to post 3 things.... URL,TAG,and Img. You want to hilite the URL (it will start with http), then right click it and bring up the box where you can copy it. Hit COPY and then go back to your gallery message and right click where you left off typing the code and hit PASTE.

So then it will look like this:
Last step is to type "> at the end (right after jpg above). Remember there should only be a space between img and src.

Now hit PREVIEW MESSAGE and your picture should be in there with your message! I hope it worked!! I can't wait to see all the pics!

You can post more than one pic in your message by doing the same thing in your message with different pics.
And don't forget to ask questions if it didn't work!

And of course if anyone has a easier better way please post it! Or if you can give instruction using something besides photobucket.

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Hi Paintingfool, I wonder if you'd post that on a new post, like 'How to Post Pictures on GJ' or something like that. I had a lot of trouble posting pictures the first few times. Looks like it's a common problem. Luvstocraft had excellent directions too and helped me. Linda

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This is the chair that carolssis found she told you about above.I offer to post this pic for her so you all can see.Hope the size is ok,and if I need to post a bigger size please just let me know.Carolssis I hope I pleased you.let me know if you would like me to post others or a differnt size.Judy in Alabama

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I want to appolize to carolssis she sent this pic of the chair she found before they redone it.Isn't it amazing how pretty she redid the chair.Its Beautiful...Sorry I am just posting.Did not realize there were two differnt pics.Let me know if I need to post the pic bigger.

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Thanks to catlady for posting the photos for me! I did copy the instructions using photobucket posted by painting fool, thanks for the advice too. Hope you all enjoy our sucess at trash to treasure. I love my new rocker, it's perfect for a shortie like me.

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Like I said to you, carolssis people had alot of patient teaching me to post pics.I said if I ever ever learn I will offer to post pics of whatever because if it was for others I would be in the same stage,having to wait to someone offer to post my pics or me having to ask.
I am sorry I did not realize there was a before and after and did not post your two at the same time.I think everone can see what a great job you did.It goes to prove,other folks trash maybe others treasure.

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That is an amazing transformation! Good job!

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Time and materials were very small for such a great turn out. We are amazed at how good it looks, too. Thanks for the help, and compliments!

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