Where to get an extra long table runner?

janralixJuly 18, 2012

I have a dining room table that is 124" long and am having a hard time finding an online seller of table runners for it.

Any suggestions?


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I suggest you look in Etsy. Even if one of the seamstresses does not have exactly what you want, certainly you could contract one of them to make what you want, at a price you could afford. I know I would! I have so much excess fabric in my workshop, it�s ridiculous!

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Are you handy? Could you find a favorite, purchase two and then sew them together?

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I'll check Etsy, but it's a no-go on the sewing thing!

Thanks to both of you.

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You get buy a tablecloth that length and have it cut into a runner, but again, you'd have to have someone cut it and sew the edges for you. It's a very easy job though...

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Do you want the table runner to hang over the ends of the table, or be a little short of the full length? What style do you want - simple, like a linen or burlap, or something embroidered, or a print?

You could ask at your local fabric store about having someone make one for you. They often have people that leave their contact information for freelance work.

Also consider looking for a lovely shawl or scarf that might serve the purpose, like a pashmina, if you don't need something to run the full length of the table.

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I just picked a number (144" because the math was easy) and googled it - lots of different runners came up. You can also switch to images and see some great ones. Maybe this will help...

Here is a link that might be useful: 144

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Annie Deighnaugh

You could also make your own....even if you can't sew.

Cut the fabric 2" wider than the width you want your runner to be. Then get yourself a glue gun or stitchwitchery and fold over each of the long sides by 1" and press. Then glue gun it down or use the stitch witchery and your iron to seal the long edges. Then turn up each of the short edges by an inch and do the same thing. If you want, you can then glue gun some trim across the short ends, wrapping it around the back side by an inch on either side just to hide the raw edges of the trim.

Even though I sew, I have used glue gun or stitch witchery on places where I don't want any stitching to show. It's very easy and works great. And then you can get exactly the fabric you want.

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I was going to suggest a similar option as Annie. But would buy two of what you really like. Fabric Tac is my forever go to. Iron on tape works well also. Both can be removed if you mess up. With two, one of the ends can be overlapped and create an interesting center, like the ones that have triangle ends. My son bought me an interesting one (your length) from his travels. Suspect you can get the same at World Market.

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