Any tiips on closets that really work?

whitemurNovember 11, 2006

Hello everyone. We will be remodeling our bedrooms in the spring. Currently, we have one large bedroom and one smaller bedroom. Both have closets with mirrored sliders along an entire wall. The large room will be changed to two smaller rooms for the kids. I want to get the most use out of the smallest space.

Could anyone show pictures (or describe) how they maximized their closet space? I know I'll need organizers, but I'm looking for some really creative ideas.

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Back in '90 when I was furnishing our remodeled cottage, there weren't quite so many options available for closet organizers, and IKEA wasn't even known on the West Coast. We didn't have much money left after the remodel anyway, so I used an inexpensive bookcase for shelf storage, putting it in the closet. I used the side of it to hang double rods, putting them as high as I could reach. This way I could store the maximum amount of shoes underneath. We have 8-1/2' ceilings so there was still room for a shelf on top, and I used that for winter storage and linens.

Use a chest bed with drawers, or get those "lifters" that raise your bedframe so you can store sweaters, etc., in covered boxes under your bed. Get an organizer that hangs on the back of your bedroom doors -- there are different types to store shoes, handbags, pants, etc.

What you don't want to do is get the wire shelf organizers. Clothes stored on them develop an 'impression' from the shelf wires and it's annoying.

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I had sliders and took them off this summer and replaced them with curtains. I got so tired of the doors sticking and always having to slide them back and forth because what I needed was always behind a door. Now I can see everything at a glance. I know mirrored closets help make small rooms appear larger, but they weren't functioning properly so I got rid of them. I love the curtains.

I installed Mills Pride organzers about 5 years ago. The only special features I have are drawers. I have the deep ones and they are perfect for my socks. There are so many more special storage features and hopefully someone who has them will chime in.

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