stuffed animals?

beckersterFebruary 19, 2005

ok guys...i'm young, only 20, but newly married. but i dont want to give up my childhood just yet. i have tons of stuffed animals that i just cant make myself throw away. besides saving them for a million years till i have kids (ok, maybe only five or so years) does anyone have any ideas what i can do with them?

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You could put up shelves along the ceiling of a bedroom and put them up there--or get one of those little hammock nets to suspend them from the ceiling. I have mine sitting on a quilt over an old trunk. I have a ton of teddys, some mooses and some old dolls. I am in my mid 40's with no kids--and I just keep them around because I love 'em. They make me smile. Nothing wrong with that! ;)

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Hi Beckster,
I'm in my fifties and still have teddies around!!!
They are in the lounge, the bedroom sitting on a dresser, theres even one in the loo.
Near my sewing area I have a big one sitting in an old high chair, he looks so cute.


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:) all but the biggest of mine are in our guest room- everyone who visits enjoys them, and none of them are so precious that they can't survive a bit of rough play- or getting tossed on the floor when people go to sleep...

and I've noticed that people tend to make the bed, and put the 'furpets' back on in arrangements that suit them :)

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I guess I just refuse to grow up. I have loved dolls all my life & after my kids grew up & left home I started collecting them. Here is the youngest one. I have a bedroom that I turned into a nursery & I would never give my babies up. Betty
click for the big pic

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Oh Betty ,love that baby!I am soon to be 68 and collect monkeys and apes.Mostly secondhand stuffed ones.Some have filled the back seat of my car,others wait around all over the place waiting on shelves to be built.Had live monkeys a good part of my life and love the critters.I also half way collect black dolls.

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I've only recently started collecting the smaller stuffed animals to recycle as plastic bag holders! BEWARE this is not for the squeamish: I dissect them, cut off their arms and legs, and sew the bodies shut just above where the legs would be. I elongate the arms and make dresses for them, but they're really to hold your your old plastic grocery bags. You can buy a pattern on ebay, or just make up your own for the dress part. I'll probably end up selling them on ebay someday, right now, I only have a couple of bears.

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Bag holders are a great idea. I keep stuffed animals and my son has some and of course my one dog loves to steal and chew the occasional casualty. I keep my monkeys around my computer, my teddy bears near the bed, and my son has dragons on his bed and some others. My best friend keeps hers on a wall in her bedroom (the wall is lined with shelves and hundreds of her animals)-she has all of her animals to this day. Only get rid of them if you truly don't want them. I still remember some of my old ones.

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