Well, his heart was in the right place....

marilyn_cFebruary 15, 2006

My husband and I have been married for 40 years, and together for 3 years before that. We don't exchange gifts between the two of us. If he came home on Valentine's day with flowers and a card or even candy, I would be ticked off that he wasted the money on something like that...I'd rather go to a specialty nursery and buy a shrub or go to a cemetary and take a cutting. The things I like, you don't find in regular department stores. Not to say that he doesn't give me gifts...and he has a knack to know just what I like too.

Anyway, in anticipation of some remodeling to the house, I have been wanting a soaking tub for the bathroom. As a junk afficienado of many years, I have some clawfoot tubs...um, 4 as a matter of fact, but none are big enough for what I want. I was looking at some tubs in a magazine...one was over $3,000 and the other was over $5,000, and that didn't include the faucets. Of course, I had no plans to ever pay any kind of price like that. Today when he came home, he brought me a tub...it is huge...old...

about 6' long and tho it doesn't sit on feet, it has a base, which is kind of interesting. He had it in the back of his truck, resting on a 2 x 6, so it wouldn't get scratched. As he tried to move it forward, he lifted it and told me to move the 2 x 6 a little bit. When I did, he set it down on my right index finger! It is smashed...I don't think broken, altho I am sure I will lose the nail. It didn't bleed hardly at all...must've cauterized the blood vessels by the pressure!

I know better than to not be careful when working around him...he can be very dangerous. He once called me over to the edge of the pond to help him untangle a minnow seine, caught in some weeds. Just as I walked up, he jerked on it, and it came free and hit me in the mouth with the broomstick that it was tied to. Chipped three of my teeth.

Anyway, I don't know when the bathroom remodel will take place...and actually, he bought me two of the tubs...will bring the other one home tomorrow. I will pick out the best one to use, and I guess find another use for the other one.

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I'm sure he felt terrible. What a great gift he brought home for you. Can't wait to see some pics!!!

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My husband is a sweetheart. One of the kindest people I have ever known. I am still looking for the battery charger for my camera...I have a lot of new junk that I want to take pictures of to show you guys. I'm fortunate about the finger. It is sore but not nearly as bad as it could be.

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Can't wait to see all your "goodies." Glad your finger isn't to bad.

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Marilyn...are you sure that your husband didn't time those "accidents" ...?...ha...Joking!

My husband is very kind too...but...when he starts that chainsaw in the fall/winter months...he doesn't seem to recognize a hedge bush from a Clematis vine, or the little Rose of Sharon trees that I set out in late summer...when I heard the noise, I rushed outside...too late!...they were laying on the ground...and he said, "I thought they were just wild trees sprouting."... Wild?...hmmmm.
One thing is certain...it's not easy to hide a chainsaw.
Any ideas?

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Ohhh, I'm sorry about your finger! His heart was in the right place...he must feel so bad. You could always use the second tub as a flower planter in your yard. It sounds weird, but I have seen it a few times. It's a pretty cute idea if you like country style.


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I have a clawfoot tub sitting in my yard waiting for spring. I'm going to plant it with white bubbly looking flowers and put a water feature in the drain end that will look like a shower. I love cottage gardens and have all kinds of "junk" sitting around in mine!


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Ouch! But glad to hear it isn't as bad as it could have been. Hope you can post some pictures. I had never heard of a "soaking tub" until the other day. Is it like he old fashioned bigger bath tubs we used to have around?

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Ashi, my husband is the same way with the tractor. When he mows, something always gets "sacrificed". I had planted live oak trees on the graves of two of my cats. I chose live oaks because everyone loves live oaks, and I figured if we ever sell this place, no one would cut down the live oaks. Well, he did...said he didn't see them. Fortunately, both came back up, but when he mows, I have to be out there watching or something else will be lost...if only a garden hose or whatever. I figure the way I will meet my demise eventually is when he runs over a chunk of concrete or a brick, and it is thrown and hits me in the head. I don't think he is doing these things on purpose...we really don't have any money...so no reason to want me dead.

The tub looks just like this one in this thread at the bathroom forum. Mine is old, and close to 6' long. I wish it was a little deeper, but this will be okay....at least I can stretch out and soak.

By the way, yesterday I saw a green toilet at a junk shop. I am going to see about it tomorrow. It is kind of jadite green. I think it will go okay with my white tub, and I have a friend whose mother paints sinks and they fire them in a kiln, so I will get her to paint a sink for me using some jadite green colors...like leaves, and maybe some pink roses. I was told that you can buy new "guts" for old toilets. I don't think this one is antique...but it is kind of unique. I just love junk.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bathtub

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The first house we bought, many years ago, was an old fixer-upper in town. In the small bathroom sat this huge bathtub with sides that curved over and fancy claw feet.
We could of taken it with us when we finally bought a house outside of the city limits, but I chose to leave it, along with many other items...that I have since regretted leaving.
(throw out the old...bring in the new!) My standard size tub can't compare with soaking in that old one.
When I first saw your post, it reminded me of another one that I read about. I was just looking for plants on the net when a link brought me to GardenWeb...and some were writing about a funny post they had read and were asking if anyone had saved it...it was called, "He meant well"...about people's "unusual" decorations in their yards...seems there were over a hundred replies to that one...I would like to read them...Anyone remember that post?

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