Two end tables into a bench with storage

txcountrygalFebruary 27, 2011

We took two unused end tables, DH attached them side by side and for added support, installed a shelf between the two. He then added a straight board around the top perimeter. I painted black to match our bedrooom furniture, then added a seat cushion and painted some wicker baskets a metallic bronze to use for storage in the cubbies under the bench. We're loving it at the foot of our bed!

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Forgot to add that the first thing we did was to shorten the tables by about 3" by cutting that amount off the bottom of them.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I love what you did with the tables. So creative!!! It turned out great.


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Thanks, Alicia! It was quite fun - there's something so rewarding about taking something you don't use and making it into something new that's useful! :)

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Wonderful idea! Well done.

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Nice recycling job. Such a handy bench too. I can see you with load of towels headed for bathroom when phone rings,trying to put on your jeans & almost falling(not now you can sit down)mom always told me if you sit on edge of bed you will break it down,instead I hop around on 1 foot & end up leaning on the dresser,great place to sit & pull up boots or take off. Neat place to stash projects you are working on, some magazines you haven't gotten to yet, or extra blanket or fleece jacket to put on if you get cold reading in bed. I think you'll find it very handy. TFS Jan

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Wow very nice idea love it .

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Great idea! I also love it. You have been so busy with your recycling that you make me feel very lazy. Love your pictures of the work in progress. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I agree. It's so rewarding to make something into a treasure that was once sitting around collecting dust, or a something you found in the garbage, or at a thirft store......

I'm working on a bistro set. Have been for a year now. :) I'm hoping to finish it here soon and show a picture of it. Never seems to be enough time for the fun stuff!!!


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Nice work! What a great idea.

TFS, Max

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Looks great, and the black is perfect with the bed! I did the same thing years ago w/2 nightstands. First I took out all the 'guts', including screws, drawers, etc. I screwed the two together to make sure they would be stationary, used a little wood putty here and there, painted, made a cushion for the top, and it was an instant window seat. I also added a couple of shelves to hold books. This was a freebie since the nightstands were left in the condo I had purchased. ;o)

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Looks like something straight out of the Pottery Barn catalog without the incredible price tag! Great repurposing job!

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That is really pretty and useful. Great recycling. Give's us all some ideas!!tfs.

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You all are so kind! Thanks so much! It's really come in handy - especially for getting dressed for work in the morning - so much easier to sit and put on my shoes, rather than hopping around on one leg doing so!

And, our pups (2 greyhounds) sleep on their beds on the floor in space in front of the bench at night, so we use the larger baskets for storing the throws that we cover them with at night. LOL!

I would like to find some taffeta fabric to match the comforter set a little better - I just used some upholstery fabric that I had on hand to cover it for now. Then, I added stick-on velcro on the underside of the cushion to keep from sliding around on the bench.

I mentioned this on another thread, but now is a great time to find bench cushions in the lawn and garden section of home improvement stores or even "wally world." If you can't find them in a fabric pattern that works for you, you can cover it with fabric of your choice by covering it as if you're wrapping a gift (no sewing involved). If you're lucky though, you may find a cushion in a fabric pattern that works for your decor. I ran across them in up to 4" thick. Just a thought! :)

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