wackyweederMarch 20, 2011

Hey I got something to post, LOL. This is a cross I just did. Everyone insisted it needed purple grout. I did it just for grins.

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Oh, LOVE the purple grout!!! And love the middle rondel too! Very nice! Very Royal!!!!

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Well lookit you, girlie. That's BEAUTIFUL. I have and love those yellow/gold plates. You really put it to beautiful use. Absolutely love this. I also like the porportions of the cross. It's tall. Did you cut it out? What's the substrate? Grout is PERFECT.

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I wouldn't have dared to use purple grout and its perfect!
Thank you for showing, what a lesson in color.

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I agree I would never have used purple grout.....but what little do I know!!! It is GORGEOUS and would not have had nearly the impact with a differnet color grout. Glad you dared!

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The cross is 18 inches long, just a little longer than the length between my elbow and the tips of fingers. The base is cast aluminum, it had a raised flowery design on it, I thinsetted over that to smooth it out and mosaiced on top. I really loved the plate pattern, and they were nice and thin so I thought easy to cut. ha! like iron!

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Yeah, those plates are tough - I use the tile saw to cut them, and then the nipper to make smaller cuts. I REALLY like this cross, and am soooooo enamored w/your grout color. I quit coloring grout a long time ago, but this tempts me to use a little color in some cases. What did you use to color the grout?

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I used acrylic paint. Im not much on colored grout either really-black or charcoal are what I like. But this just seemed to need something extra. I need a nice warmish day to seal and then it should really be pretty. Thanks for liking it slow, that means a lot to me. You got the plates-you make one too!

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