? 2 do w/ 40+ plastic champagn ...............

VangyJanuary 24, 2006

"glasses", for lack of the right word to use. Wanted them for rooting cuttings. I collectd them at an event we went to Sunday, w/ high classs people.

My DH was a bit embarased, he got to carry the 2 plastic grocery bags to the car while I visited the "porcelan pond". LOL

Vangy plays in the dirt

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Apart from "rooting cuttings," I thought that you could drop spare change into a couple of them, till February, to pay for the seeds that you'd want to plant to get a head start on gardening.

As for embarrassment at packing them out of the venue ...

... the other night when I attended an investment meeting to deal with a potential gold mine at a local motel, the expected presenter wasn't able to come due to icy roads in Toronto.

So the usual attendees held a meeting and a good informal discussion on their own (polishing off the snacks in the process).

I asked the busboys whether they saved pop cans from garbage for recycling.

That, did they not, I'd be glad to take them home with me.

They were interested, so I told them that they could get about 50 cents a pound, which amounts to just over 30 pop cans, at a scrap metal dealer.

Told them where to find them and how I usually wait till I have another errand nearby, for buying gas for that extra trip eats up a good share of the money that I'd get for the cans.

Especially in the car that I bought recently, the pistons of whose engine displace over double the amount in my earlier car's engine - so it uses a lot more gas.

Got over $90. for a vanload, last year, I told them.

The boys were interested.

So - I didn't take the pop cans.

Good wishes for getting rooted with your champagne glasses, dirt-rooter.

ole joyful

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could you consider making a table flowing fountain with color water or half marbles in them.they could be glued together

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