Help! These are my Grandmas....

doris104January 31, 2011

I have been given the honor of trying to see what these vases may be worth. They are at least 100 years old, but I know nothing else about them. I will give you dimensions, but I need to have my parents measure them, since they have custody right now and are in a different state. Here are the pics, and I'll get you the rest of the information as soon as I can.

Here is the first one:

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I can't find the bottom mark to this one. I can only assume that there was nothing there. I will contact my parents and see if they see anything on it and have them send me a pic. Thanks for looking and any information will be great!!

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You will get more help on the Antiques & Collectibles forum-just go up to the top of the page & where it says "forums" click & it's on "Home forums" click on that & it is the 1st forum. The JP with L underneath is - Jean Pouyat-La Ceramique, Limoges, France1905 to the present. It looks like initials on the side of it but I can't read what they are,would help if you knew what they are. Might find it under Limoges or Jean Pouyat or La Ceramique. Yellow 1 looks familiar but would have to look through books to see if I could find it. Anyway I think they are all over $100 each Could check on e-bay & see what you can find. The yellow 1 is Takito,(company) Japan, porcelain 1880-1948

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The 1st & 3rd ones look like a lot that I get in the shop, handpainted by ladies around 1900. It was a hobby, they would buy blanks & paint them. Some of these pieces are very beautiful but know who the painter was will make little difference to the value. The second one is later, looks deco to me, out of my area of knowledge.

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