What is the latest u asked ur DH to do 4 u ?

VangyJanuary 2, 2006

One night putting the dishes away, I told my DH I wanted new organizers for them for Christmas. I was fed up w/ the plastic ones that wobbled & collapsed.

Next day he went to Goodwill and Big Lots & now I have solid organizers for my dishes. One is an actual, the other 2 are stacked shelves he altered to fit my cupboard.

Not the chrome I had envisioned, but, WOW !!! next day service, there and usable. PTL

Vangy's DH is a good helper, he even carried 3 40# potting soil bags to bassement for the tulip bulbs I am "chilling" to force come February.

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Uh, DH had Monday off and took yesterday off to complete things around the house!

On Monday I finally got my new bathroom sink installed! We were at Lowe's about 2 months ago and they marked a few of their one piece tops down to $42 from $200 and it was the size we needed (36"). So now instead of counters like the kitchen and an ugly and well worn fiberglass sink, I have a nice new, one piece beautiful one! I'm not sure what it's made of but you can actually sand it to take out scratches and things!

Yesterday DS got new carpet in his bedroom! He's needed new carpet since we moved in 5 years ago but that was a low item on the list. So much more needed done before that! We bought Shane's carpet at Lowe's for half price because it was a remnant. DH installed it yesterday and it's SOOO nice in DS's room now! I just painted it and redecorated a month ago and within the last year he's gotten all new furniture (mostly hand-me-downs but in good shape!) so it's like a BRAND NEW bedroom!


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That "Honey-do" list is a mile long ........ it goes through 2009 . LOL ! The biggest chore is to clean up the yard in spring. ( We have an old rock garden that I Want gone ) After that - he can relax till the following week.

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I being male, and living alone ...

... sort of looks as though I'm up a tree, here.

The only place that it does any good for me to say, "Honey Dew" is ...

... in front of the bathroom mirror.


Have yourselves a great ole New Year, everyone!

ole joyful

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Honey-do list is pretty long at my place. My problem is getting DH to FINISH a job. We call him "Halfway" cuz he'll get halfway thru and call it good.

We're in the midst of the garage makeover we started last weekend, and I'm bound and determined to get it finished by Sunday evening. I've asked him to paint ONE wall...he hasn't gotten it done yet. Guess I'll have to have SIL come over to finish it...that usually motivates DH. Doesn't like to be shown up by that boy!

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I asked him to go by the junk shop where I bought an antique medical cabinet and pick it up for me. He probably forgot to do it tho, so I guess I will run by there today and get it. Thing is, he drives past it every day and it is 35 miles for me to go get it.

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I asked my hubby to get well so he could celebrate his 60th birthday at home. He had spent 3 days in the hospital undergoing tests and is feeling better and was home Friday for his birthday.
If I could only get him to tackle the "honey-do" list in such a timely manner..........

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Marilyn C,

Hang a big message on his rear-view mirror.

ole joyful

P.S. A piece of old cardboard box plus a bit of Magic Marker ink is a lot cheaper than gas to drive 35 mi.

Takes less time, as well.

Less emotional hassle (well - for you, anyway), also.

o j

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I used to have a long list of things that needed doing tacked up in the computer room - his mother saw it and laughed at me. Then she says "I want this done ......" guess who got their thing done and all the other things they asked for since? Then she has the hide to say "Well I asked first, you'll have to wait your turn." Thing is that whenever I think it may be my turn, she always has an 'urgent' job to be done and my husband is usually the one duped into doing it.
He is actually going to start something for me this week, stripping and repainting a table base, I can already hear the phone ring as soon as he picks up the first tool.

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Uh, let's see: He's had back surgery in November, so he hasn't been doing a lot for me - I've been doing for him! LOL I DID carry two sawhorses out into the yard, placed a sheet of plywood on them and placed two new flower pots that I got for my birthday on there. I put them up waist high so that he didn't have to bend over and paint them. He spray painted them for me and they look great! He's a lot better painter than I am. Now I gotta carry all that stuff back to the shed and put it back. Ugh! LOL

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Hi! I'm new on this forum. Usually over at the GardenWeb Harvest forum or recently the cooking forum here.

Had to jump in on this one....
Called DH at work last week to see if he would help me rip down 17 sheets of SunTuff roofing from some covered porches at work.........hey! they were going to take a chainsaw to it and toss it in the dumpster! So....at 5:15 in the evening....cold....he's up there with the Makita taking out screws and tossing sheets of roofing to me! Took us 1 hour, 15 minutes to pull 12- 8 foot sheets and 5- 10 foot sheets off, load it in the trunk (yes! the trunk) of my car and head home! Good thing it was dark and foggy and DH was driving behind me, 'cuz I'm pretty sure I was over the length limits!!
Any wonder that I love 'im??

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Lucky you Deanna! What are you going to do with them?


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