Old and new bungalos/ranches

emagineerNovember 30, 2009

This was an intriguing site I found linked from the Old House forum on GW. It has large and small cottage homes, so bear with all the photos. You can spend a day on this. There are gardens, kitchens, baths, house plans and photos of what once was in our tiny houses.

Hope you enjoy.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old and now

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Thanks for the link! I can see myself spending quite a bit of time looking through that. We just spent the weekend at Anna Maria Island in FL, so I'm really in the 'cottage mode' again. The island is nothing but cottages, since they banned highrises and condos. There are cottages dating back to 1900 or so, and even the recent ones imitate the old style. One peculiar feature that I just noticed on this trip there is that a number of the cottages have a large spike sticking up above the roof peaks. Most of them are a 4X4, tapered to a point, and they are on each gable peak. Not directly attached to the roof, but rather to a bracket below, and clearing the edge of the roof by an inch or so. I wish I knew who to ask as to the origin/purpose/meaning. I'd post a picture, but the camera batteries were dead, so no pics this trip.

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Sorry about the double post. I must have been brain muddled from the holidays.


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