Need input on Shabby Chic project...

tasymoJanuary 23, 2009


I don't post on this forum often, though I admit I do lurk to check out your projects. I found this really beat up item at a Thrift store I think was the bottom part of a tray without a frame for 99 cents. It has a gorgeous picture of pink roses on it. The surface is some heavy, clear lamination. I tried a dry erase marker on it, and it works great, so I'd like to transform this into some sort of desk message board for Shabby Chic decor. There is some damage to the upper left hand corner that I'd like to cover up. There isn't much I can do about the gouges in the center, but hey, this is SHABBY Chic, right? Thanks for your input! Kathy

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I think it would be great message board. Love the roses, could go with some kind of fabric edge,like a stiff lace to compliment the roses. Maybe a greenish color not too wide. Don't think a frame is too chic these days. I don't have cable so don't get to watch the good shows on decorating!!I remember they had on a summer show couple of yrs ago & decorated shabby chic a lot she used lots of trim,laces, cord,ribbons etc. Jan

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What a creative reuse! I agree, just glue something that you like on it. Could be something that would hold the dryerase pen if you want to be practical.

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I think a old chippy frame would look nice around it or just attach a pretty ribbon to the backside.. tie at the top and hang. You could put a couple old glass knobs where the damage is and the marker could perch there.

Do you think it could be a old hot pad? Or a placemat? My grandma had some similar things in her house.

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Thanks Ladies! I knew you wouldn't let me down! I love the idea of using an old glass knob in the corner. I even have one! I can just tie a satin ribbon around the pen and hang it from the knob. I'd kind of like to incorporate a strip of cork board somehow, painted a nice soft color like mossy green. Keep the ideas coming! Kathy

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If you put it in a frame make it one that leaves room for your cork strip below the message board cuz stuff on it might hang down and you wouldn't want to hide the message part.
have fun

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