Birthday party question/poll (not SF related)

lovehadleyApril 11, 2009

My DD is having her 7th birthday party at the place where she takes acting classes. She loves it and they offer bday parties that sound pretty cool and right up her alley.

My time slot choices are 10:30-12:30 on Saturday OR 5:30-7:30 pm on Saturday.

The kids will do 1 hour of acting/improv stuff and then there is an hour for pizza, cake, etc. (We will take the presents home to be opened.)

So--my question--as a PARENT, which time slot would you prefer? I don't want to screw up people's Sat. night plans but, at the same time, I am wondering if people might not LIKE a couple hours of free babysitting on a Saturday.

The location of the party place is near a mall, and there are also a bunch of restaurants around. I know my DH and I would love a party where we could drop DD off and go have a couple hrs to have dinner alone.

Or is the middle of the day a better bet?

DD has a very small, close-knit class (only 14 students) and the parents are all uber cool. Honestly--everyone gets along so well, I can see all the parents going to the SAME restaurant together, hanging out and socializing until the party is over.


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I'd go for the midday rather than the evening. The 7:30 end time might put you a little too close to bedtimes for some kids that age. I know that for me, that's a time when I'd want a 6- or 7-year old to be winding down, rather than being all excited from a fun party.

Also, about the free babysitting aspect of it-- that would be a bonus for parents with one child, but what about the ones with more? Were you thinking of inviting siblings to the party, as well as the kids in the class?

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Well if the family has kids in sports the 10:30-12:30 party would probably interfere. I know it would for families like us.

I would much rather have the evening party. And with the mall and restaurants nearby I am sure I could find something to do for 2 hours with my other children.

And really, how many people with children have Saturday night plans anyways? LOL

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I'd prefer the 10:30-12:30...

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Why don't you send your poll to the actual parents? I think they would appreciate it, and you would get your answer. (hopefully it won't be a 50/50 split!)

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