MY trash to treasure...!!! pictures

kacramJanuary 16, 2007

this is MY trash to treasure! Picture...

I made these before Christmas. I couldn't stand the vertical blinds in the family room. So, much to my DH's surprise, I ripped them down! lol and this is what I made. I was able to make 5 of them. I want to find some more white vinyl vertical blinds in garage sales to make more for my trees outside! lol what do you think? (sorry.. 1 with flash, 1 w/o! lol)

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Kat, how ingenious - and how in the heck did you make fold them out of the vinyl blades? I know we did stuff like this back in grade school but long time ago.


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Hi Sal. I didn't think it would work either, as they have a slight curvature, but they did! I just made sure, when I folded them in half at the start, to really really press/rub the fold line and made that one tight. The vinyl verticals are 84 inches long, I believe.. the stars are packed away... but They are as big or a little bigger than the pillow, and I just measured it at 16"! It took 4 slats to make one star... they are 3D on the back too.. the back looks just like the fornt in this pic...

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I love it. It's very creative.

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I love them!
Can you give or send me the instructions???
And.........did you glue or staple them so that they would NOT fall apart?
Thanks for sharing!

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Hi Julie...

here are some good directions with some very good pictures. No, I didn't glue or staple them. maybe I should! lol
here are some little ones I made out of paper for my tree this year. The glitter looks like it was pink, but it's not! lol

Here is a link that might be useful: german stars..

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They are soooo cute! Can't wait to try to make them.

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german stars!!! my mother had a ton of these, all dipped in wax and glitter.

heres some instructions,1789,HGTV_3268_1382226,00.html

most often they work best with strips of paper. who would have thought to use blinds lol.

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