New, need help with bathroom

Brenda89November 13, 2012


I am new to this site and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Brenda, about nine years ago my husband and I sold our home and everything we owned, bought an RV and started traveling from state to state for his job. Two years ago, my husband got hurt at work, so we came back to IL bought a house about two months ago and are once again settling down. So now, I am making the house we bought a home and found that since I have no concept of color that I need some help. I decided to start in the bathroom since it is the smallest room (I believe the room is about 5X8) and would take the least amount of money. What I have done so far is paint the ugly countertop to look like granite and the painted the vanity brown. What I would like help with is how to bring this all together now. Suggestion are very welcome.

Below is a picture of the before vanity & countertop. I am going to post more pictures, just don't know how to do it in one post.

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Here is an after shot

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Well heck, I thought I had a better shot of the bathroom on this computer. I will have to wait until later to add another picture. What I am trying to decide is what color to paint the wall. Right now it has bathroom type paneling with little pink flowers on it, at this point I don't have the funds to rip out the walls so paint is my only option.

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What is your budget?
Random ideas:

Rip out carpeting and put in an easy care durable floor. Carpeting in the bathroom is one of the worst ideas ever IMHO. My brother had carpeting and then a runner of plastic over it. In a tiny room all I could picture was rotting carpet/mold. I love floors I can sweep and clean quick with a sponge.
There are so many nice accent spa-type rugs that you can just toss in the wash. This is the first thing I would do if that were my bath.

Strip wallpaper, put beadboard below, trim and paint above, use an updated color and get towels/shower curtain to match. What type of light is there ? Update the wall light there are great websites where you can get reasonable lights(you don't necessarily need to buy from home destruction. Buy rustic/matchstick bamboo blinds for window and put a sheer white curtain behind them if you need privacy.

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Oh how rude, I forgot to say WELCOME Brenda !!!
You must tell us about your RV travels
I am so not a morning person. I need more hot beverages...

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Oh that's panelling I thought it was paper. What are your favourite colours ? Blues/greens ? combination ? Yellow ?
Let me know and I'll look through the BM paints...
Another option is putting in a simple mdf rail trim and painting a light colour on the top and a darker on on bottom or different white tones are nice too since it's a small room.
By the way the cabinet looks much nicer.

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This is the best picture I have of the bathroom at this time. The floor is linolium (sp),the shower curtain is teal/brown. My ideas are to paint the cabinet in front of the toilet a white not bright white but a white to pop against the brown's. The walls I was thinking Valspar Natural WV37001 from Lowe's. (And that is only because that is the paint chip I have in front of me at the present time.) for the window I was thinking about buying another shower curtain and using it to make a roman shade out of. I seen on the internet how to make a roman shade out of the blind that is already hanging there. Yes, Yes, my husband has told me once again that I am grounded from watching HGTV and playing on the internet. We have also been building beds as I am redoing the bathroom. Sure glad he really loves me.

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Eatrealfood, My budget is very very limited at this time. Right now I would just like to improve the looks of the bathroom. We hope to be able to totally gut the bathroom in the next year or two so I don't want to put a lot of money in it.

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EATREALFOOD, I'm rude myself this morning thank you for the welcome. I'm not a morning person either in fact I'm on my way to bed. I work midnights so it is time for me to say goodnight!! I welcome any and all ideas you have for me.

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can you post a close up of the counter top? It looks awesome - but my eyes are bad and i can't see it that well. What did you use on it? is it laminate?

painting the walls an off white - and even the cab doors will really lighten it up - countering the dark shower curtain - and window shade if you use the same fabric/another curtain. I think that'd look great.

how is the flooring? ok for now? maybe a new towel rod that you can reuse in the future redo.

how are the light fixtures? new hardware on the cabinet?

bring in some teal in towels? vase, wall hanging, soap dish/jar, rug for in front of the shower, etc.

the painting of the print walls alone will make the world of difference - along with the change you did on the counter top and vanity.

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I would paint the cabinet brown to match your vanity. I think it will give a cohesive look to the room.

Does the paneling have grooves in it so it will have some character once painted?

Can you take a close up picture of your countertop? It looks great from here. What did you use on it and how well does it hold up to water?

What are your goals for the room? Just appearance or something else? Have you considered taking off the medicine cabinet and putting up just a mirror?

I agree with the teal towels and accents. I think that would look great. I think I'd probably paint the paneling a white that is close to the color of your tub surround/tile and toilet. This is just my personal preference but I don't like seeing white walls with off-white plumbing fixtures, or off-white walls with white fixtures. It goes against my OCD nature, lol.

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I hope this picture shows the top of my vanity. Yes it is laminate, I sanded it down and used apple barrel paint & polycrylic. As far as holding up to water I don't know yet I just got it done a few days ago.

The flooring is in good shape and will work for now.

I would love to put up a mirror and get rid of the medicine cabinet/ light bar but hubby says it has to stay. So, it will stay for now. (At least a week or two hehe)

I think i'm just going to take the towel bar down over the stool, they put it on upside down to begin with. I might hang a picture or two up there if I can find something that will work.

Do you think painting the cabinet in front of the toilet to match the vanity would make the bathroom to dark?

The paneling is smooth with the white plastic filler strips. Think late 70's early 80's bathroom paneling. I remember this in my grandma's bathroom.

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What a great idea. I thought it was a cultured marble top. When we moved in this house, we had a cultured top in our bathroom and it was orange! I wish I had thought of painting it. I hope yours holds up, it looks nice.

Yes, painting that cabinet brown might make your bathroom a bit dark. It's all personal preference. I just have this thing about visual clutter. As much as I like to see pictures of eclectic decor and unfitted (is that the right term) look, I like the harmony of single colors and styles. In the end, it's up to you and what look you are going for.

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gee marti and I was gonna switch and agree with you on painting the cabinet brown to match the other! tho, as I look at it again paint chips easier - maybe use one of those gel stains and stain it a darker brown to go with the vanity and the shower curtain (nice curtain). I'd do the window frame too. doesn't all have to be done now tho. space it out. do what bothers you the most first.

and on the wall color marti - you're probably right on that also but i don't like white on much of anything. It's too stark for me - and dangerous around me. not on walls, not clothes. really not even tubs, toilets etc. But mine are that in 2 bathrooms and will stay that way. I found it won't kill me - lol! I'm still alive after 14 yrs with an avocado tub, toilet and sink - but just barely I think.

The teal elsewhere will tie the room together and bring out the teal in the shower curtain.

love the counter top. didn't realize you painted the sink too. post back after a month or so and let us know if it holds up ok on the counter. I might beg you to post how you did it so I can do mine!

btw, I found 2 nice over the mirror fixtures at lowes for about 30.00 each for my bathrooms. 1 had 3 globes/bulbs and the other 2. It doesn't take much to change them out. Just flip the breaker and then you need to be really really tall and have long arms - or a ladder. or both. Not that I'll be doing my own.

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I have decided on the color of paint for my bathroom. I am going to replace the trim along the floor and paint it Benjamin Moore Dove White the window trim and tall cabinet will also be painted the same color, the walls will be painted Butte Rock AC-8.

I would like to hang some pictures on the wall above the toilet after removing the towel rod. I was wondering if any of the below pictures would fit with the decor?

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Hi, Brenda! Welcome! I don't come over here much, but hang out in Kitchens. Congratulations on the new home.

I am following your bathroom here, and love what you have done with the counter and cabinet so far. I really like those daisy prints! One of those would be gorgeous over the toilet. I cannot tell which one would look best. Can you get all three and take the two losers back?


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Hi Brenda,

I don't post on here much, but welcome and congrats on taking your bathroom in a new direction!

I wanted to add that I have done the low-budget bathroom reno a few times and it always makes me happy! Sure, a gut reno would be great, but why look at walls, floor, and vanity you dislike for several years why you save up?

I've painted paneling quite a few times at this point in my homeowner life and I've always been happy with the results. Just prime the heck out of it. :)

Good luck and post back "after" pictures!

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Welcome, Brenda

I really like what you did with the vanity and the sink; you are very talented. I am very fond of teal. Another option would be pink if you gt the pink daisy print, but some people hate pink.

One old suggestion for decorating is to look at your closet. After ignoring any black clothes, see which colors you have the most of; those are the colors you may be most comfortable with.

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