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larissawbbNovember 20, 2008

Hi Everyone,

I just bought my first home and desperately need help on ideas for the exterior. Should I change the house color, shutters, front door etc... I would also appreciate any ideas on landscaping the front. It is completely finished inside but the outside really needs help and I don't know where to start. The siding is vinyl coated aluminum. It is 20 years old but in good shape. The roof is gray shingle and new. The house was is in a neighborhood that I always really liked. It is a neighborhood of cape style homes built in 1945 for soldiers coming home from WW2. The interior was done in English country and I really liked it. I just thought the outside was lacking curb appeal and thought maybe a different color on the front door and lighting fixtures? I know the front needs to be landscaped but don't know where to start. I like English country or country cottage. I guess what I don't like is the front door, lights, and some plants that would provide seasonal interest. I live in Zone 5 and there is not much to look at in the winter. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!



Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hi, is it ever cute! Well, what I might do is consider repainting (if not replacing entirely with a new, less rustic style if you can afford one) the stairs and railings, and then matching the shutters to them. You already have two baby yews(?) there, but you might consider something like a protate style juniper further out from the house on one or both sides of the lawn for year round interest, or even a little tree or two, depending on where your septic is. How about flower boxes on the bottom windows, and a nice (not too small now :0) lantern next to the door rather than the overhead light, and possibly larger numbers? If you were to replace the railings, etc. how about a stone or just concrete patio style (ovalish) with a couple of stairs that go right around (same as the patio piece, but layered like a cake)? Can't see your walkway, but you might think about something there too.

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I think this is just the cutest house!

If it were me, I would start with a covered porch. It would add so much to the curb appeal. I like the flowerbox idea for the windows, the yews have to go. They are a piece of nasty that will detract from your house as they grow. There are so many conifers on the market now that don't overgrow their area like a yew will. Mix and match for that cottage type house with small evergreens, shrubs and colorful perennials! I really like that house! : )


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Hi! I also think your house is very cute. :) I have a small house too, and for years I had exterior colors that were similar to yours: kind of a light beige with dark green shutters (although my front door was dark green too). I finally decided my house looked drab and painted the front door a bright aqua. That may sound hideous but I think it turned out quite pretty... and it's just a door so it's easy and cheap to change if I want! Have you thought about changing your front door to something more colorful? Red may be too Christmasy with the green shutters, but then, if you have vinyl shutters, those are inexpensive to replace too. Maybe black shutters and a cherry red or sky blue door? That would look cheerful in the dead of winter.

Good luck.

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I agree that flowerboxes and a lantern will do wonders for your house's curb appeal, too.

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I really like your house, it has such potential. I think a porch would look good too, one that follows the same roofline, kind of like this one, only wider.

And like that house, brick bases under round columns, window box, and shingle the top of that main gable.

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Your house is really sweet with lots of potential. Look around your neighborhood to see what others have growing. Look in magazines, books, and online for ideas that speak to you. Most of all, don't stress, and have fun.


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Your house is cute. In my opinion, painting your front door yellow, green or a plum color would bring in some color. I also like the idea someone else had about window boxes. Colorful plants will really help out too.

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Lots of good ideas so far for your very cute place. One thing I might suggest is changing the storm/screen door. Will you use the screen aspect of it at all? If not, you might get a full-length storm door without the center piece. It will give it a much cleaner look.

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Change out you siding with hardi board. Add a porch roof like the pic.posted that partically follows the roof line to camo. the fact that the roof is wider on one side. Starting at the new porch roof edge add a wide trim board that goes across to the other wall., where the main roof meets the side wall and use hardi shingles above in a different color than the body of the house. Consider nicer window upstairs. I cann,t see the total slope of your yard put it looks like you have enough slope to put in a rock retaining wall. Add a few semi large focal rocks above and some low growing evergreens and a nice stone walk way and multch . Add something like river rock and easy care plants down in front of the rock retaining wall and you probly have the nicest house on your block and it would all be easy upkeep if you use the right plants and multch.If your able to do it your self all that should be less than 3000. We did alot of the same stuff with ours this last year and consider it a learning exp. as well as sweat eguity.

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What a cute house!

I'm not a fan of that light over the door. I was amazed at how easy exterior lights are to change out. My husband changed all of our this year after a hail storm damaged one and we needed three to match. If I had known it was that easy to do I would have done it years ago.

Flowerlady is right when she said to observe what your other neighbors are planting. Gardeners are supposed to steal ideas from each other! You could always ask, what is the name of that plant, how do you care for it, etc. Maybe they will give you a clipping or two. It's a nice way to meet your new neighbors, too!

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