Christmas card recycling

concretenprimrosesJanuary 13, 2009

My pic is a bit fuzzy, getting used to a new camera, plus I didn't have the storage card yet so was taking low pixel pics.

Every year since I was a child I've made gift tags out of Christmas cards after Christmas, saving only ones with a personal note inside. This year I decided to save the cards to use as post cards next year as someone suggested here, keeping them whole to make sure I don't send them back to the same person. I made tags from a few that for various reasons wouldn't be good for postcards. I still have a lot from previous years so making just a few is fine. I used my deckle scissors and each is double, meaning you open up the tag and write on the inside.

Now I just have to remember my plan to send the cards as post cards next year, lol.


Here are the tags I made:

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Very nice!! I've made a few! I saved my cards this year & picked out some to make little fridge magnets. Just get large flat clear marbles from Michael's & position over small scenes. Snowflakes with sparkle are good, ice skating scene etc. cut out the scene & put on back of flat marble with Weldbond (be sure you put glue on front of pic & when it dries on back of marble it shows through & looks so nice. When very dry attach piece of magnet. Sometimes cards have cute pic on back of card & it works perfectly!! Jan

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I have been doing that for years as well. I am very lucky these days as no one at my office wants the Christmas Cards, so I get about 100 from there every year as well as my own that I receive at home.
It's a shame that so many people just toss them out after the holiday.
Suzan J

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What a cute idea Jan. Could you post a pic? Sometimes calendars have mini scenes on the back too. I've got a bunch of those I've been trying to figure out what to do with.

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Have you ever made these ornaments using old greeting cards? I have found bunches of different types of card at thrift shops or asked for them on freecycle. I have used baby shower invitations, birthday invitations and cards ect. Just a fun project and can be used as place cards, table decorations and such. I have tons of gift tags, so I found this idea years ago and loved it. Passing it along. ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: Another use for holiday and greeting cards

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We donate the tops of our holiday cards to kids with cancer. They use them for a fundraiser, and they'll take card tops from any holiday or occasion. So if you don't have Christmas cards around still, it's still an option for other cards, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: donate tops of cards

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Great idea Katie. Barefootin I made those ornaments as a child. That is a nice bit of nostalgia, and they are pretty too.

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