12' ceiling, what to do about new vent chimney?

kksmamaMay 17, 2013

I think I'm close to having a design and choosing a contractor for my long overdue remodel - goodbye golden oak cabinets and forest green laminate counters! I'll be looking here for lots of help (and a little whine/wine now and then).

But my first question is...what am I going to do about my new hood vent chimney? The ceilings are 12', so cabinets will not be going all the way up. We currently have a recirculating microwave hood so there is just big blank wall above the cabinets. A designer has suggested a brick or stone chimney from the hood all the way up and I think I like that idea... but I'd sure love to see pictures! I haven't selected a hood and think I will be flexible - everything will look and function better than what I have now. Can anyone share pictures of vent chimneys, particularly those that extend above the level of the cabinets? My rangetop will be 36", hood likely to be the same (though I kinda know it is supposed to be wider).

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Hood vents will frequently extend above the wall cabs. 12' ceilings are a lot however. An extreme example from Houzz. The way the picture is cropped, not clear how much higher the vent goes...

If your hood is on an exterior wall, you could vent out the back and use a cover to a set height or place some element at a height of your choosing. Or maybe an undercabinet hood? Same approaches work if you take the vent duct into the wall.

Modern Kitchen by Seattle Architect Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

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We have 11 ' ceilings. You can see that we had a wooden mantle hood made and the 1400 cfm liner is inside. The duct work goes "left" and out the roof where there is a remote fan. Our liner is 54" wide which is the exact width of our total cooking area. We have a built in deep fat fryer and we also have a 36" gas cooktop with the wok burner. We do a lot of stirfry. Our Tradewind liner is extremely efficient and quiet and easy to clean also not expensive. We got a high cfm so that we could place it at 33" above cooktop and also so we could have it the same width as the cooking area. It has been perfect for 7 years. here are a couple pics. c

if you need more info or numbers etc anything I can do to help let me know. c

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These are both helpful, thanks! It is not an exterior wall. Getting a real vent is near the top of my list of reasons for remodeling, I just wish it would cost less to go so far up and out. I don't think my new hood will move a lot of cfm, surely no more than 900 for my 36" Kitchenaid 36" rangetop with a total of 9000 btus - I'd like to avoid the whole make-up air thing and I never have more than 3 burners going at one time. I hope having a reasonable capture area, and forming the habit of turning the hood ON, will yield big improvements over the current useless and therefore unused microhood - without adding too much noise. And I'd like a nice look, but the high ceilings do present a challenge! Trailrunner, you seem to have solved this by making your chimney blend with the drywall? I guess if I did that it would transition either at the top of the capture area, or at the top of the adjacent cabinets.
Anyone have more high ceiling chimney pictures to share?

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something design wise along these lines?

Traditional Kitchen by Wooster General Contractor Weaver Custom Homes

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Thanks, changing my search terms on houzz has helped, I thought I was looking for a tall chimney, but tall hood and tall vent are better search terms. Kaysd, are you planning on using stainless all the way up? I like my KD's idea of using stone (less dust/cleaning), but coordinating that with backsplash and counters seems hard...so I'm thinking drywall, maybe faux painted to be stone or metallic, would be cost effective and easier to change.

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Yes, we are using stainless all the way up, with a large sheet of back-painted glass for the backsplash. Our kitchen is pretty modern in style, but you can see from the Houzz photos that it works with more traditional kitchens too.

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Kaysd-- I'm looking forward to seeing another modern-style kitchen here-- it's been a while! What stage is yours in now?

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the duct goes up into the drywall surround. The wooden area for the duct was completed first and then the overlay of drywall and the wood mantle was created last. It was NOT expensive. Our duct runs all the way to the left..in the pic and then more left into the next room and then straight up. It is not expensive to run the duct at all. I could look up all the prices. Also Tradewind..which has been used by a couple of GW folks ( and they all love it) is not expensive and is an excellent product...no fancy brand name :)

We have no make up air. our home is an 1890 home and believe me..with all we have done to seal it up there is no problem getting enough air to the vent. We have a gas fireplace right in the kitchen and it isn't a problem at all.

Turn on your vent 10 min. before you begin to cook and leave it running for 10 min. If you have a good quality hood that is all that is necessary. DH just made a stirfry and there is no way you would ever guess it ...no HOGS at all in our home. ( heat, odor, grease, steam) I have never had one drop of grease on the surrounding cabinetry in 7 years...dust yes...grease never.

Be a good shopper as far as your hood. Get MORE than you need...run it on a lower setting and your home will be so grateful ! c

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This is super helpful, Trailrunner, thank you! I found a post about your tradewind liner and would love more details (model, cost, install costs). An effective, quiet vent system would be a dream come true. I have selected all my other appliances, and the appliance people had no interest in talking about in line blowers and gave me the impression that would be much more expensive...but given this is all new ductwork and wiring, maybe not? I need to read up on liners, motors, etc rather than "all-in-ones" - I don't even know the right terminology!

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the tradewind people have an excellent website with all the info you could want on how to do an inline silencer with a remote blower. That is what we have. Ours is 1400 cfm and 54" wide. It is 33" above the cooktop. It has baffles. sjerin on GW has a Tradewind and just installed it. She would have more current prices than I since mine is 7 yrs old. If you post a topic to her you can get the pricing from her. Or email me and I will send you her email address...you can email through GW...make sure and enable your email so I can answer. Hope this helps. In the meantime I will get out the folder with my costs. c

also here is a link and they have all the info for install and inline silencers etc at their drop down boxes at this link. I have the PSL professional series

Here is a link that might be useful: Tradewind hood

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