Promises are made to be broken I guess....

mom2emallApril 20, 2010

Well BM had not called since she saw the kids the day before Easter to drop off their baskets from their grandma. That was when her bf got mad that she was here and yelled at her on the phone, which was on speaker, in front of the kids and I.

Anyways she left middle sd a voicemail last night that she wants to see the kids this weekend and take them to a movie and that her phone was "in the shop" and that is why she has not called them.

First off she just got this darn cell phone in the last few weeks so how could it be in the shop? And there is a house phone in the house she lives in. So again she is giving bs excuses and lies.

Secondly the movie that she said she is taking them to this weekend does not even come out in theaters till May! What is she thinking??

Middle sd heard the voicemail this morning because bm called after bedtime last night and sd was running around like she'd won the lotto. Telling her brother how their bm wanted to see them and they were going to have so much fun at the movies, etc. BM did not call older sd's phone, probably because she knows older sd sees through all her excuses and lies. So now I have sd and ss all excited to go see some movie this weekend that is not even in theaters!?!

SD is going to call bm afterschool today. I am curious to see what happens.

If BM does make plans to take them for a day should I point out to them all that the movie is not even out yet?

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Nope :)

be like a duck mama, let it roll off your back...

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don't say anything, she probably won't pick them up anyways, if you say something they might think that's why she is not picking them up (no movie yet), they might blame you. let it go. let us know...i don't believe she'll see them...

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