Start of bedroom makeover and a little ranting

Brenda89November 22, 2012

Am I the only one that gets aggravated when trying to find inspiration for rooms online? Sometimes I feel like I am the only person not living in a million dollar home. I realize that I live in rural IL; some have told me I have Champaign taste on a beer budget, but I refuse to live like a pauper just because I do not make a hundred thousand dollars a year. My dad taught me how to use a screwdriver and a hammer and my husband uses the saws (I am a chicken probably would cut a finger off). I believe with a little paint and hard work anything can be transformed. Here is an example of what just a little paint and hard work will get you. I just wish I had been born with the ability to know what colors look good together.

My husband and I have been working on the bedroom. The first thing we started with was a nightstand and matching dressers. Well we got one dresser finished, stood it up and it wobbled so bad I would have never put clothes in it. So back to the store the dressers went. I stopped at the local used furniture store on the way home and got two dressers (a heck of a lot cheaper) and a gallon of paint.

Our next task was building beds. I refuse to pay the money the stores want for a bed. For around $200, my husband and I were able to build two full size beds.

Next summer I will paint the bedroom but for now, the color is just fine.

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This is the nightstand that I purchased.

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Maybe you're just not looking the right places. For instance, this all-ikea bedroom was recently posted on ikeafans:

Or maybe you need to decide what it is you don't relate to in the rooms you see. Is it that they're expensive? They can still give you good design ideas you can scale down to your situation. Or is it something like you're a traditionalist and you always look at houzz? If you can figure out the problem, there's almost certainly something you can relate to online, in blogs or wherever.

Even in the home decorating forum here, while some people have vast amounts of money to spend, others rely on thrifting, craigslist, and doing their own upholstery.

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Have you looked at the gallery side of the decor forum here? Oceanna has collected many photos of many different styles of decor. Here's a link to her bedroom collection:

Here is a link that might be useful: bedroom gallery

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Thank you writersblock. I was looking in the wrong location. I guess my main problem is I do not know how to work with color(s). I favor earth tones and woods although I have grown tired of oak.

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Brenda-the problem that I have in addition to finding out that a beautiful throw blanket folded on the bottom of the bed costs-let's say $295-the rooms are big. My bedroom is about 2/3 the size of that ikea room.
Hey good for you with the dressers-I always bought mine used. All my furniture has gotten a little(a lot) banged up when I've moved or had to move around for painting or renovation. If I had paid enormous sums for Thomasville I would be really upset.
I recently bought a beaten up unloved china cabinet for $50.00- it needs some wood putty for chips and where the veneer came off. However it's nice and compact, not too deep. I would love to distress it but I also like the dark wood. Also I'm afraid of messing up the distressing as I have never done that paint effect before.

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>I favor earth tones and woods

Well, then you have a good start on knowing how to work with color. Look at all the inspiration photos you can find, even if the style/scale aren't your thing, and see what color combinations you respond to. Those colors are very popular right now, so you ought to be able to find a lot of examples to give you ideas.

Also think about what kind of mood you want to establish in your room.


>a beautiful throw blanket folded on the bottom of the bed costs-let's say $295

Yeah, but you may be able to find something at kirkland's or homegoods or wherever that creates a similar feel for $20.

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Eatrealfood, I have a small house myself and to make matters worse the layout is all wrong. I have two bedrooms, living, dining and kitchen all are about 13X13 the bathroom is even smaller I'm guessing about 5x8 without measuring. You have seen pictures of the bathroom though; I'm hoping to finish it next week. I'm going tomorrow for paint samples so hopefully by next week I will have decided on a color. I put the bathroom on hold so we could get the beds finished. For now, the bedroom is done next spring I will paint the walls, change the carpet, and as bad as I hate it stripe the dressers. The paint didn't cure right and a couple of spots have peeled off.

I would love to see a picture of your cabinet.

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Brenda-I will post a photo and maybe you can help :p

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"Sometimes I feel like I am the only person not living in a million dollar home."

I think you're in good company here...

can't think of any new furniture I have. My fridge was new - 14 yrs ago. I did buy 4 utility cabinets new - 14 yrs ago. The type you get at Kmart and put together yourself - white laminate. Still got those and will use them here for storage. both of my tvs are old tube types. One given to me and one I pd 10.00 for. If I ever replace one of them I will get a new one (on a great sale I hope) but it won't be one of those huge ones. The only reason I care to have one of the new flat screen tvs is so I can move it around and clean behind it!

Even when I buy something new I don't want to pay regular full price for it.

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I know what you mean Brenda. The main problem I find when looking for inspiration pictures are room sizes. Two of my bedrooms are 10x10. That is a tough size to work with and try to make it an inviting guest room for a couple.

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I'm redoing my bedroom, too! Goodwill and Shopko clearance sales have been a great source for furniture. I'm still looking for a headboard, but don't want the usual. Maybe a cool screen or an old coffee table top? Still looking :)

Here's a picture of my reading corner...chair was Shopko clearance, throw I crocheted a long time ago and bookcases were old buys from a Shopko clearance sale. The lamp is from Walmart and the table is a scrap piece of fabric over a very rustic/almost pallet type of little end table. (LOL)

From Home pictures

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Annie Deighnaugh

The good thing is it costs nothing more to deal with good colors than bad ones. I suggest that you start by picking an inspiration piece for your room and then takes colors from it for your can be a picture, a plate, a fabric, or even a pic of a million dollar room...all you need is something to give you the basis for selecting colors. If you use a room or a piece of fabric, then you are already getting a professional color consult for free. Also be sure to check out the home decor side of these threads as there are lots of color mavens as well as master bargain hunters there....

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Brenda, I love your attitude. A little sanding, paint or varnish are wonderful ways to make something old look new. In my opinion, wood is never "out". Even if the finishes don't match, I'd rather look at a room filled with wood furniture rather than laminate,glass or metal.

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Lavender Lass: I love your reading corner...just beautiful and cozy.


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Anicee- Thank you :)

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