video's highjacking/kidnapping thread

ilmbgNovember 23, 2007

Are any of you having problems with videos popups's coming on at almost every thread? They are 'Three Musketeers' and 'Banies 'R' Us. They each run about 30 seconds, many times both running back to back. There is no way to close them- you MUST watch them- you cab't even go to another site! My spam, etc. programs are at the highest settings- there was a problem a month (about) ago, and then they were gone- what to do? I will NEVER buy/eat a Tree Musketeer now that they are pulling this crap? Besides- I don't like them!! Who do I contact- anybody else having problem??

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Use Firefox browser.

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That is what someone else suggested, also. Thank you.

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Firefox, or Opera browser is a good fix too.

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I have IE6 and a Yahoo pop-up blocker, never seen what you are talking about.

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Got a Mac, noo problems.

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