mantel scarves

DesiJanuary 5, 2005

Anyone have any unusual or new ideas for mantel scarves? Now that Christmas is over, all the decorations are put away, things look a little bleak and I thought perhaps a mantel scarf might be just the trick to take me into spring decorating. Any ideas?

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I have used large cloth napkins folded in half to make a triangle. Then laid those out on the mantle with the points down in various configurations and set my mantle decorations on top of them to secure the napkins. I've even sewed cheap tassles on the points for interest.

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Check out this post, i'll see if I can find the picture

Here is a link that might be useful: MS

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I have bought lengths of fabric and scrunched it up, laid it on top and then put things(candlesticks, pictures, plants or flowers, mirrors, etc.) on top of it. Gives some depth to it, some color and a theme to build from. For Valentine's Day, I have a gauzy/netty kind of fabric with candles, pictures of my loved ones(some in heart frames) and then those "stands" with clips, that are to hold pictures, with antique valentines in them to fill in the background and give some heighth and holiday idea to it all. and colorful!
Just my idea......Julie

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a freind ask me one day if i could use a vEry long piece of what looked like antigue hand made lace i brought it home and made several mantle scarfs. she said it was a ruffle off of a well worn faded as i always say THINK OUTSIDE THE BOOK.

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