Outside lights - like this one?

desertstephNovember 10, 2010

what do you think of this one? will it be a problem that it's open at the bottom? I think it'll be easier to change bulb this way. it looks big enough to change the bulb easily. it's 6" wide (base against siding I guess) and 8.25" high. takes a 100W bulb - if that's too bright I can get a 75W bulb.

It's 29.55 and free shipping.

the one that is on the front now is really ok but the 2 back ones are not. I feel wasteful buying another one for the front but having a different style on the back would look weird to me. Shouldn't they match? be the same style at least? I can give it away - or take to GW.

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Steph We have four doors so four lights. Three were the same and the one on the official front door was a fancy one considering the other three. Well right off one got broken before we even moved in. No big deal I had a globe to fit. You can not see any of the lights two at a time. So two are round moon looking ones. One is just a pretty glass globe and one it beveled panes.

For what it is worth it does not seem to matter if one light is different from another unless it really bugs you.

So excited for you to be making progress again on your house.

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All my outdoor lights are open at the bottom and I've never had problems with water. Easier to wipe out the bugs and dirt.

Personally, all my exteriors need to be the same. It's cohesive. That's just me.

Also, I am rehabbing & putting in landscaping, and I want my front and back to blend. I don't want different vibes going on in front versus back. That also explains my need/want for matching fixtures.

If I had a grand porch which required something different than the rest...or if the exterior fixture mounts were a combo of ceiling and wall, I think they should at least be siblings or first cousins if they don't match.


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Make sure that compact flourescent bulbs fit. Incandescent bulbs will be unavailable in a couple more years- especially the higher wattages. Also- CFL's don't like to hang straight down; they tend to get hot and not last as long. I'm SO glad they are getting rid of the 'evil' incandescent bulbs......

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the 2 back ones have to be replaced - 1 is missing and 1 is just dangling from the wires... they are both yellowed white plastic. the front one would be usable... but a total different style (century!). sort of a combo of the 2 below. it would have to be repainted. i do prefer the cleaner lines of the one pictured above over those pictured below. I also want to be sure I can easily get to the bulb to change it. I don't think that is the case on the front light fixture. I'll take another look at it from inside at the front door (closer to it than standing 3' lower on the ground).

gayle - is it easy to get your hand up into it to unscrew/rescrew the bulb out/in?

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I like having the bottoms open for easy changing of bulb.
I also have an aversion to a big wattage bulb shining light in my eyes as I try to walk to the front door. So a smoked glass is better than clear glass.

What I REALLY like is what they call DARK SKY COMPLIANT fixtures. Some of those are almost bell shaped to keep the light shining down and out, and not straight outward. If there is a screen door that could crack into the fixture, the bell shape will keep it from breaking the bulb.

At this time, I do not need any exterior fixtures, but may find a way to incorporate an up/down shining lights to wash the stucco walls of our garage....but not looking at this time.

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i'll seldom use the lights - just going in/out with dogs (back area) - and if someone comes over after dark (front... that hasn't happen but maybe once in 12 yrs tho).

I'm anti outside lights out here in the country - lol! I haven't had a door/porch light in the 12 yrs out here. I have a few motion sensor ones (they mostly work in the day time tho). I use a flashlight going in/out/walking the dogs after dark.

I can see where there will be times they'll come in handy. there's been a few times I've wished I had one. now I'll have 3!

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I like the first one you posted if that is your pick, but my fav is the first one on that second set of pictures.

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I would avoid the very first one.

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'big wattage bulb shining light in my eyes as I try to walk to the front door. So a smoked glass is better than clear glass. '

what is preferable for most people? - frosted type glass or clear? 60 W bulb or 100 W bulb? some don't take higher than a 60 W bulb. I do need to be careful how the globe comes off if it needs to in order to change the bulb.

some have a plastic globe - which might be better for me anyway. or polycarb globe.

krycek1984 - why avoid the first one?

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To confuse the issue further, I kind of like the third pic you posted, Steph. :oP

I think I find the brown tones warmer than the black ones.

I also prefer lights with clear glass - I find they are much brighter for me. If you don't need a lot of light, then frosted glass would be fine. I also prefer a higher wattage for the same reason. I guess I've lived in too many places with low light that I tend to lean towards 'brighter is better'.

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lol! maybe I should go around to my neighbors after dark and check theirs out?

I don't know which I prefer... I think I want a fixture that will take a 100 W - I can always put a lower W bulb in it!

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Flgargoyle, you reside in Florida, where it does not get as cold as it does up here in Zone 5. Here, the big fluorescent shop lights we have in our garages just barely light in the winter. They hum, flicker and flash, too. I wonder if that is just the old-fashioned shop light/tube-with-ballast type that have that problem. Does anyone know if the compact fluorescent will work well in freezing temps? I was going to put some outside in our porch and driveway light fixtures but don't know if they will work. I also have poor luck with the compact fluorescents. They burn out on me quite frequently, and you cannot throw them in the trash, because of the mercury inside. You have to take them to haz-mat day to dispose of them.

I have LEDs in the new kitchen and I like them very much. DH insists on keeping the lights on in there in the evening, so I feel less guilty now.

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Sorry - forgot to respond to you, Steph!

I like the clean lines of the first one. The brown and black ones are fine, too. If your house has shutters, get the one with the same color and style as the shutters.

I picked up a motion-detector one at Lowes in the clearance section. I just need to get DH to install it (the one we have is broken).

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"you cannot throw them in the trash, because of the mercury inside. You have to take them to haz-mat day to dispose of them. "

so much for saving our environment! lol!

I was looking at the front one today (took a pic/bought a camera/ posting it on my other thread) and think I will probably go with the 1st in the post where I posted 2. it's most like the front one. clear glass also. I'll put a bulb in the front one (when I can) and try it out at night and see how I like the clear glass. If I don't like clear glass I'll move to plan B - whatever that is!

as long as the bottom is open and I can easily change the bulb I'll be ok.

I would prefer the brown/rust tones but i'm thinking of painting the outside grey come spring and I think the black will go better with it. actually, I doubt it'll really matter if it's black or brownish. I probably won't pay any attention once they're up!

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I would avoid the first one because IMHO it looks kind of cheap and plasticky.

Do you have a lot of bugs in AZ? I know here, any light with an opening, the midges and bugs will pretty much congregate in and then die en-masse. I'm guessing there aren't that many flying bugs in AZ though? We made sure to get fully enclosed light fixtures on the outside of our house. That was our main concern, changing the light bulbs was secondary.

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I found one at Lowes which is open below. We do have LOTS of bugs in Alabama, but it is the spiders which create a problem with their webs along the ceiling of the front stoop. When the bugs come, they can get away easily from the light and don't create a pile of dead bugs.

I was listening to someone talk about the benefits of the CFB (compact florescent) the other day. They seemed to think that IN TIME, the use of mercury will go down. Well, a little bit of mercury goes a long way. And if you break a florescent tube (or bulb same thing), you will get some of that poison in you. Not a nice thought. Meanwhile, I like to use LED lights. Especially LED rope lights.

With winter almost here, folks who suffer from winter blues or depression, need to think about getting some of the full spectrum lights for their kitchens and reading lamps and desk lights...you know, places where you might sit for a spell. It is supposed to keep the depression under control. Sounds better than taking a pill, with no side effects.

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krycek1984 - it's always weird to me how people can see the same thing and think so differently -lol! that's why they make so many options... and cause us to have so many decisions to make!
the top one is cast aluminum and glass - just like the others, it's just a much simpler/sleeker style.

I hadn't thought about the open bottom allowing bugs to fly in... but they can also fly out I guess!

I don't know right off if we have a lot of flying bugs here. don't think as many as we had in IN tho. I've seldom seen mosquitoes here (and only a few in recent yrs) - many from other states move here and plant grass etc that requires lots of watering. that brings 'em I think. In IN they'd eat you alive just walking to your car!

I know inside I don't like globes that face up (and are open) because the bugs fall in and die and you need to clean them more often.

some green person(s) aren't too bright I think. mercury is dangerous - just what we need every household handling - or mishandling!

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