small house ?

mpmomOctober 17, 2008

Could someone tell me what style this house is, cottage?

bungalow? what?

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I am not sure . I think I would call it a cottage style. It is just darling!!! Do you have any inside pictures?


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Yes, that cute house would be called a cottage-style home. Very nice. If it were mine, I would probably replace the porch supports with solid wooden posts, either round or square, but that's just my .02 worth. And for the same reason, I'd like to replace my curlycue iron porch railing with something more substantial on my 1910 brick bungalow...sigh.... :o)


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My dh would kill me if I wanted to change anything now. We just had the siding and porch done in May. This house belonged to dh's grandparents. They built it around 1960. Very small -- but I love it.
Don't have any inside pics as the inside still needs a lot of work.

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I would say it's really more of a ranch style. Small ranch, but definately ranch. Craftsman would require more local materials and detail, Bungalow would usually mean an upper space, Cottage would typically reuire more gingerbreadish detail. I'm thinking ranch.

Regardless, it' cute and has lot's of potential. How is the inside laid out?


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It's a cross-gabled ranch or rambler (term varies regionally). Your choice of exterior decor skews it toward "cottagey" but that's more of an aesthetic/decor style than an architectural one in this case - with a few changes it could easily have leaned toward a Fifties Modern look, that's part of the flexibility of the ranch.

I'm a little surprised at the lack of railing for the porch and steps... you must have pretty relaxed building codes there. Here if a porch or deck's floor is more than 2' from the ground or if exterior stairs have 3 steps there must be a railing.

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It looks like there are wooden posts and railings to me. Is the first picture before & the second picture after?

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If that's before and after you did a great job! Very cute.

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Yes, with the red brick section, the iron scroll supports and the picture window, I would also call it a ranch. I would have guessed it was built in the 1950's. I *would* call your garden "cottage". Looks like you have done a lot of nice work.

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I agree mildredpots, I love what she has done with the house and garden. I would call it ranch too; it looks a lot like the one I grew up in.

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Thanks for your nice comments. the pic with the railing is the after. I have a lot of work to do on the garden. I've been sick the past couple of years and they have really suffered. My dh is no gardener!!
this house is very small -- 2 bedrooms, eat in kitchen, living room and a very small bathroom. but it does have a full size basement. My kids have moved out so it's just perfect for dh and me.


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Your small house looks adorable and I'll bet it's very comfortable. Thanks for letting us take a look.

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