christi508March 3, 2010

I took everyone's advice, called my local stained glass place and got a great box of scraps! Now I don't know whether to do counters or what do you think of a directly on a window that I keep the shade down on all the time anyway because anyone looking right in can see you know what? I did see the "bathroom jewelry" and I like that idea, too. I have regular nippers, do you think I need the wheeled ones to get more accurate shapes if I decide to do leaves or flowers? I am soo excited!

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I've seen Riana - my first teacher in Puerto Vallarta - use the regular tile nippers to make her shapes. Use what you have - experiment, and then later see if you need to invest in the Leponits. Anxious to see what you do. I can feel your excitement.

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cool, good for you on the scraps! can't wait to see what ya make 1st!

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Any progress?

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Funny you should ask..today is the first day of my spring break..so now I have time. I have an old mirror with a pretty frame so I have drawn an egret and I am going to start working on it today! I will post a pic of progress. Thanks for asking.

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