Granite top installed.. disappointed

Lando1May 20, 2013

We finally got our kitchen remodel going, we had the granite guy come over and we picked the santa celia which my wife liked. When the counter was finally installed I noticed a weird line, coincidentally when he left. The best way to describe it is it looks like someone left a rusty piece of rebar on it. It carries through the slab on a angle. It's not a huge deal it's just out of pattern for what we have. I called up the granite guy and he said it was a mineral deposit. I know this could have been avoided and I dont know what recourse I have now that it's here, just kind of bummed.

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Molly Phillips

No advice, but that's a bummer. It's not even in a corner that's not public!

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Did you pick out the slab or just let the granite fabricator do it?

Granite is a natural material and can have mineral deposits, fissures, etc.

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I am a fabricator and would consider that unacceptable unless pre-approved by the customer. At the very least a good (i.e.not low ball) fabricator should have called you and given you the opportunity to reject the material.

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We picked out the type we wanted, he picked the slab and got it ready at his shop. I guess this was the mistake, it was never presented as an option and unfortunately I didn't ask not knowing the process. I figured the fabricator would avoid something like that, guess not.

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Totally agree with oldryder. The fabricator should have been more responsible with your project. They should show a template so the customer can see and approve how the stone lays out.

Have the manager come out and look for himself. Very expensive project! I'm sure he would do better in his own home.

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The sad thing was the owner himself was there during the install!

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They sometimes hope the HO's won't notice or know any better with things. Of course he knows it shouldn't be.

"It's not a huge deal it's just out of pattern for what we have. "

You are being way too charitable. Think about how much you paid for this. If the roles were reversed, would you expect your customer to accept it?

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If the owner doesn't have more pride in the work, or concern for customer satisfaction, I guess your recourse is withholding payment or filing a complaint (BBB, Angieslist, small claims court?) Olddryer says it isn't okay, you "know this could have been avoided". I don't think you are going to like that line any better next week, next year, or 10 years from now. So now is the time to be assertive rather than bummed.

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Holly- Kay

It should be replaced. You should not have to live with it the way it is now!

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Did you take pictures of the actual slabs (with the templates placed on them)?

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Personally I wouldn't accept that. And you're being way to nice if you do.

I'd do as kksmama suggests until you get it replaced

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That would be unacceptable to me. I'm so sorry!

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The correct process is picking your slab, getting the slab you picked, choosing how it is templated and agreeing to this and where the seams will go.
Shame on this fabricator for trying to pull a fast one.

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How should I rectify the problem. I have called him twice already and he insists it is normal and I will "get used to it".

I would like that section of the top pulled and replaced?

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If you have yet to pay him the final payment, you can withhold that until it is rectified. Hopefully, he will be reasonable. If he is not, he may just slap a lien on your house. Is there anything in your contract giving you say over the slabs to be used?

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

See, I wish I knew where Oldryder was. So CA, my only option is to see the 5 stars on yellow pages. That actually means nothing, right?

I do feel helpless with this decision. And I sympathize with yours.

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Do not pay him any more money. If you have already paid in full, did you pay by credit card? You have some recourse there if you did. Contact the credit card company.

It's ridiculous! It's saddening that customers have to wonder if something like that is acceptable, as he is trying to pull one over on you. He is taking advantage of your inexperience and compliant manner.

I don't think cutting out a section would be done to fix something like that or in that location.

He needs to eat this, not you. Contact BBB, take him to small claims if they can't resolve it. Is that an island? How many sf is involved?

Good luck! You do not have to accept something so unreasonable as this!

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He was paid in full. That section is part of the counter top and about 4sqft. I would like the whole slab section taken out.I will contact him a third time and see if he can't replace the section then if he could refund us, do something to make this right other then telling me "it's normal". I doubt he will accept either so I will have to follow up a complaint with the BBB and angieslist.

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First of all I am sorry this happened to's such a great moment when your countertops go in and you step back and think WOW..all this money I just spent and I'm so happy. NOT!

I has a similar experience last year with my quartz countertop installation and received a huge amt of help from another fabricator on this site. The installer did subpar seam work and also installed a defective piece of quartz material and my salesman could have cared less. fact, they both said the same thing "It's a shadow on the deck of the countertop and you'll get used to it" The job was paid in full with the exception of $500 (silly me..I learned a lesson). After 6 months of them ignoring me, sending my account to collections and then not following through, I ended up negotiating paying them $250. I also wrote to my local BBB who ended up being a huge help to me. I basically didn't want anyone else to have to go through this with the arrogant company I dealt with which is why I am happy this complaint is on the internet for the whole world to see.

Your fabricator did not advise you properly and shame on him! What shoddy customer service. Do NOT let him get away with this. Only settle for the look you think is right. I've always said "go with your gut" and if you aren't happy now why on earth are you going to get used to it next week, next month, next year? If this doesn't get resolved, it will drive you crazy looking at this for the coming years.

Stop payment, call your CC company, tell this owner you will be contacting the BBBureau. Can you tell I am having a PTSD moment reliving what I went through? LOL.

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I plan on going through the BBB and angielist route. Did they ever replace your tops?

I want the top taken out and replaced, is that much to ask?

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It's not to much to ask.
You should not have to accept that if you were not previously warned.
I have been fabricating for 18 years.

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Yes they replaced the one defective piece..originally they refused to put in an "L" shaped counter even though I knew it could be done in my space. My dad was a lawyer and then a contractor back in the day, so I know enough to get in trouble :) The unacceptable seams were my main issue. They replaced the defective countertop with the "L" shaped countertop that, amazingly enough they could do, and charged me $500 for no seam.

It helps to also let your installer know that you are talking to other professionals in the field and that these people agree with you. Let him also know you are posting on a nationwide home forum. I was able to print out and show my installers what other fabricators said about the job...that and the nudge from the BBB helped me to resolve the issue...after 9 months!

Good luck and please keep us posted.

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