Ceramic and porcelain tile question

charmoMarch 11, 2009

I bought a couple ceramic tiles at the hardware store today because I liked the colors and I want to practice cutting with the tile nippers. Is it true though, that ceramic tiles are not really good for outdoors? I thought I read that somewhere on a board. That someone's tiles were breaking or disintegrating in the cold or something. Or was that just bad luck?

Are porcelain tiles much better and are they as easy to find?


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Charm I believe that's what I have read. I did some totems for thr garden last year and one piece on three is disintegrating. I think these are ceramic. Have to clean up and rebuild. Not sure if urethane would help. Put some on a piece I fixed a week ago, so will see.

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I see on your page that you live in Canada, so I suppose you should get the porcelain tiles. Most tile stores carry them.

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mine are ok outside, but here is a link that has some answers... my question is: how do I know the difference? They don't say on them what they are...not mine anyway.

Here is a link that might be useful: q and a

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Char- They make exterior pool and porch tile. Tumbled marble, glossy marble, slate, granite. Check into that. Ask your local tile department mgr. the same question. I've used all of the above tiles outside but I've always lived in mild climates. Susie

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My test to see if tiles are okay outside is to break one and put the broken edge on my tongue. If it sticks then it is too porous and won't survive the freeze thaw cycles. This test works on dishes too. When I took the mosaic sculpture course in P.V a couple of years ago the instructor said that's what she did too. Now I don't recomend doing this in a public place cause people will think you're nuts likely.

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Thanks to all of you for the advice. Emtnest that was a really good link, I kept it in my favorites. I'm the same way and cannot tell the difference. I tried cutting or should I say nipping the tiles today with my tile nippers and I thought it was hard and I could only cut in little pieces. I've seen a video on you tube about cutting tiles and it looked way easier than this was.

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Oh you gotta have a tile saw if you are gonna do tiles..it's a must...and Klinger, you'll shoot your eye out!!!!

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