Thinking of building this WDYT?

che1seaOctober 15, 2008

Here is the thread I posted on the building forum:

and here is a link to the plan:

Here is a pic of the floor plan:

So far I have only been told it is too small, thought you all might have more to add.

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Too small for who? For what? The rooms are 'normal' sizes, if smaller than some, but I think what's important is how much storage is built in, or available possibly even outdoors, and how many people will live there. What sizes of furniture are going to go in, etc. etc. It's certainly a 'neat' design. What does WDYT mean?

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I think it's a very cute house, but my main concern with where you are planning to build it is that it appears to be designed to minimize solar gain rather than maximizing it (in the South you want to reduce heat rather than increasing it). I think it's plenty of space overall, although if you spend a lot of time indoors you might prefer to tweak it for a tad more living space rather than so much bedroom.

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The design makes a really lovely small cottage. The small size really depends on how many people will be living there. Remember, little people do grow up to be bigger! And would you really want children's bedrooms on the back of the house to have that deck and exit doors? (I've raised two sons and I sure wouldn't have wanted those doors from their bedrooms!)

If 4 people were going to live here, then I agree you might want to increase the size of the LR and dining areas. If building for one or two, the size as listed would be fine, I think. Are the steps going up to an attic? If yes, would this be an area for future expansion?
Are you o.k. with no exterior door in the kitchen area?

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My issue with the house is the flow. Bringing groceries in you'll have to walk through the house to do this. As far as the size, that's personal. The rooms look okay, but the flow is sort of one-way.

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I think what I have to do is take what I like from this, mostly the looks and the kitchen and come up with something that will work a bit better.
Funny thing is writersblock mentions that the bedrooms could be a little smaller and someone on the other forum said the kids would have no space. It is all a matter of perspective I suppose.
Luckily I have loads of time to figure this out.
Sorry WDYT = what do you think? Guess that isn't as common as I thought...

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What I like about the plan:
1) no wasted space
2) bedrooms are small but big enough for beds and dresser
3) living spaces big enough for a normal family & entertaining
4) kitchen big enough for someone who really likes to cook
5) A wood burning stove in the center could heat the main living spaces

What I don't care for:
1) doesn't appear to have much storage.
2) I wouldn't want outside doors in the kids' bedrooms
3) I don't like dryers that are vented straight up. Lots of pipe to clean out & hard to get to it. Have to tear out the wall if anything clogs half-way up.
4) No direct access to the kitchen from the garage or driveway - like someone else said, you either carry the groceries through the front door or through the bedrooms.
5) No backdoor except through bedrooms. Having lived with no door to the backyard for many years, I can tell you that is a pain.
6) I don't see an HVAC closet
7) While it has a good amount of windows for light, the house isn't set up for passive solar - as writersblock said.

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I think people have brought up excellent points!
I like the room sizes.
Like how you fit two bathrooms in.

I really don't like the back bedrooms (if they are for kids...think teenagers)opening up to outside. It also means everyone has to go through one of the rooms to get outside
I don't like the distance to the kitchen from any entry (think groceries and taking out the trash)
I don't like how everyone has to go through the kitchen to leave their bedroom, and every guest has to go through the kitchen to use the bathroom...kind of turns the end of the kitchen into a hallway.
I'm not crazy about stacked W/D, and I hadn't though about the vent (good point).
Not sure about the storage space...but I see you have steps "up" is there attic storage for things like holiday decorations and out of season clothes?

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What is the foundation type?

I notice the stairs indicate 'up'. Up to what?

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I assume up to an attic but the plan didn't specify.
I don't think this one will work for us, sad because it is the first smaller one I have seen with bedrooms the right size and a good sized kitchen.

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I think a shift in room uses may help. Forget abnout the deck off the two small bedrooms and put a jack-and-jill bath there, intead. That frees up the hall bath for use as a mud room/laundry (giving you a side door into the house). This in turn frees up the laundry closet for additional closet for a bedroom or for a hall/linen closet.

That leaves you with no powder room for guests, and still odd placement of all bedrooms having to exit through the kitchen, but it is a start.

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