Uses for white metal zipper tape...yards and yards...

blueberrier1January 7, 2009

Have a 10" tall 9" diameter spool of white metal zipper tape that was given to me about 15 years ago. It is like new, but I prefer the nylon tapes for upholstery and craft projects. I have used a few yards to tie fabric gifts. I have also snipped off a few feet of the white tape to use as tarp reinforcement.

The zipper teeth are silver-colored. I probably have the zipper pulls in an unpacked box!

Thanks for any suggestions.

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It can be used like piping on aprons, purses, jackets and skirts, although it could scratch finishes on wood or metal if you sit on them while wearing it. There are earrings made of the tape gathered into a 'flower', then a zipper pull is placed in the center. although a button or something else could be used. The flower could be made into trim for lots of things, but won't use much of it up. A larger flower could be made by sewing it on the edge of a strip of fabric, then gather the flower out of the whole thing. Christmas ornaments? Edging pillowcases? Nutty doll hair? Some of it could be added to each square of a (denim?) quilt. Here's a denim pocket quilt I made years ago from different color jeans, and using zipper tape for piping around all the shapes might look pretty good on it. Linda

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Linda, like your clever and colorful quilt/hanging. My 'mature' eyes cannot see the zipper teeth or tape. Is the zipper edging for each pocket shape?

Do you know of any trading or giveaway forum for this zipper tape? Am not interesed in wearing anything scratchy.

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Glad you posted this. I have a suitcase full of old zippers from my MIL. So I searched and found

You can use them on pockets on a scrapbook page. You can use them with jean pockets for a small purse (or on any purse)

Last but not least. You can make music.

make music with zippers....yep...almost as good as making music with velcro fasteners on shoes.

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Oops, sorry, I left some words out. The last sentence should say, "and COULD SEE using zipper tape, etc....." DUH!!! lol. There is none on the quilt.

If you want to trade it, start a new thread here, garden junk, crafts, sewing or all of them for trade with a photo of it. You might want to give suggestions of what you're looking for or see what comes up. You can ask them to email you for the trade. Linda

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