Not Reallly Trash to Treasure! (photo)

des_arc_ya_yaJanuary 30, 2008

Bought this little metal cabinet (probably from a medical office) the other day. The stainless steel top cleaned up like crazy and, with a coat of paint, it's just what I needed for towel storage in my bathroom!

Total cost? $15 = 2 cans of paint= Priceless! LOL

I couldn't have bought anything for that little an amount and liked it nearly as well.

Anybody junkin', or is it too cold, like it is here?

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Too cold here still. The temps haven't been above 30 in weeks.

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Know what you mean. I bought this cabinet several weeks ago and then we had to wait until we finally had a warm enough day for the paint to go on evenly and dry. (Arkansas weather - ya gotta love it!)

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Ya Ya, I love your cabinet. I have one in my bathroom painted white with a porcelain top. It holds all the doggie bath towels and their shampoo by the clawfoot bathtub.

My doors are split down the middle and there is a drawer at the top.

I hope you enjoy yours as much as I do mine.

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Hi, Daisy!!

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It looks puuuuuurfect!

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