Veneer vs. solid wood wall unit doors?

sas95January 8, 2012

I am having a large wall unit made for our living room by a carpenter. It will be mostly open, but will have one cabinet with 2 doors. He asked me whether I want veneer or solid wood doors, with the veneer obviously being cheaper (but I do not yet know the extent of the differential). Is there a reason why solid wood doors would be measurably better for this type of use? The price he quoted with the veneer doors is already at the higher end of my range, but I would spend more money if solid wood would make a big difference.

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Sorry, I meant to post this on home decorating.

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Veneer would probably be OK if doors aren't going to get super heavy use. Most kitchen cabinets are veneer. Mine are raised panel veneer & 40 yrs old so main problem is with heavy use you might end up with holes in veneer from pulling on the knobs to open the doors.(hubby made cabinets) If your kids roughhouse & doors are raised panel(hollow in center) then they could kick a hole in the doors if they are low. Solid doors would just dent in.

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