Shredded Sheet Music Wreath-Recycle

kudzukweenJanuary 1, 2010

This is for an indoor only wreath. Shred some paper in your paper shredder, and use as is or age it with tea/vanilla/cinnamon....etc. Let it dry completely and fluff it up.

Cut an open cardboard circle any size you want. Use your hot glue gun and squeeze out a few lines across the cardboard and grab a handful of paper and press into the glue. You can use school glue for this part if you want. Keep adding enough so the inner and outer edges of the cardboard circle are covered the way you like. I used two layers. Then add whatever trims you like to match your home to embellish. I used black tulle strips and an old cherub figurine. Oh, I also hot glued a paper clip to the back for a hanger!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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