Light Switch Plates

okiegal2009January 16, 2009

I recently changed out my electrical switch and plug-in plates and would like to know if anyone has ever done anything with these. Looking for ideas. These are just the ivory plastic one. Not very expensive.

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I've covered them with decoupage to make them pretty, but you've just gotten pretty ones it sounds like. It just flashed into my mind, cuz I've been crocheting, that one could pull yarn through the switchplate on top of a box to keep it from rolling around. The socket plate could be the "bones" of an eyemask. Tho I gues one's nose would get in the way. I wonder if I could mount one on my glasses. Its a pain that its so hard to wear masks for halloween, lol.

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Below is a link to a post I started a long time ago. Might give you some ideas.

Here is a link that might be useful: Switchplate Thread

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