Nearly free fancy smancy water bottle

concretenprimrosesJanuary 15, 2009

I had a beer at a mexican restuarant and the waiter accidentally brought me the wrong one. I was glad cuz not only was it delicious, it came in this cool aluminium bottle. I hadn't see aluminium bottles before. I asked to take it home and they let me. I thought I would use it as a hose guard in the garden. Who knows I might. But I show it here with a cap that I bought years ago that is made to fit on bottles. It fits this bottle quite tightly. So you don't have to buy a fancy aluminium water bottle, just drink beer and make your own!


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The first time I ever seen one was in Pittsburg several yrs ago. My brother got a beer and it was in the alum. can...Like you I thought it was neat...

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