crazyoneJanuary 22, 2011

is this the forum where people would post recycled things such as reclaimed wood projects etc?

I am always amazed at people taking things trash to others and reusing them to make beautiful things. perfect contrast to the world of buy new and many today

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Here or Garden Junk works great! We love to see Pictures!!!
My garden summer 2010, link below!

Here is a link that might be useful: Gallery

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acquawise - That is a beautiful link. So many gorgeous blooms and cute ideas for recycling items. Thank you for sharing. - Marylee

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Thank you! I have new stuff I will add later. Those were last years pics.

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Both places work for all your junk turned to treasures! I think more people go on GJ forum. Aquawise your gardens are beautiful & healthiest I've ever seen!! Thanks for showing & all your garden surprises are great also! Jan

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I was telling GF about old heavy headboard I got from neighbor & painted,makes a lovely potting bench, when I went to GJ to find it ,it was missing so I looked for some other things put on around Aug to Nov. & they were missing also ,so some pages got erased. GJ forum mentioned it was having problems back then so some could be reposted if you posted back then. It happened on a lot of forums as I also had shown some Halloween items & bracelets made of buttons on Craft & Decorations forum. It's too bad because it was a time of great items being shown. Now if I like something I see I print it out by going to top of screen & click on file & print preview & scroll down to see what"page' item is on so you don't waste ink copying everything. If it's on page 3 change your setting to 3-3 & just that page will copy. Then put in a notebook of projects. That way you have it. It works for recipes & anything where pic comes up with post. If you have to go to Photo bucket or Flicker it would not work. I'm pretty computer challenged so DD has to post for me if I want to put pic on. So getting her over here long enough for me to learn it has been difficult. Anyway if you like idea copy so you have it! Jan

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I do the same thing Sunnyca! I Print a LOT! LOL
I am putting thing in file folders according to what they are, ie 'trees', 'wreaths', 'bowling balls' 'totems'.

Of couse I am behind doing that, and lots of printed things are just in a box! But I still have them-on the computer, I can't always find them anyway! And then a lot does disappear.
Print preview is wonderful....

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I sometimes right click on pictures and "save as" to a file. I have them in a file of other peoples ideas (especially Christmas) on my computer. That way they don't disappear and I don't have to print everything. Mostly I have saved pics of vintage Christmas ornaments from other places on the web that I want to copy, but it works on any picture. The important thing is not to use someone else's picture on a web site or in any commercial way. I usually name the pic by the origin or artist.

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I think I posted my recycled junk in wrong place too....I recycle everything .I will have to look throw forms more . Angie

Here is a link that might be useful: Dont throw that away

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