Internet due monday !

EATREALFOODOctober 16, 2012

Shades I will have absolutely no excuse not to post photos (as long as all goes well, um like they show up).

I'm not sure why but they need to check the phone jack as I'm not wired for DSL. I'm calling tomorrow to confirm that there is no install charge. It took 4 phone calls to get all the info I needed, boy do I miss ma bell.

I'm going to plug in my new rotary phone(yes I bought it for me b/c I love them, I kept the touch tone for international calls) and see if I get a comment...:)

I need to plug in a filter so I can use the computer plugged in w/o interfering with the phone line. Apparently DSL allows you plug in or wireless now so it paid for me to wait to get the connection. Since it's getting colder now I don't want my DH to have to sit outside on a bench or go to the library after work. I didn't mind going to the library though because I always picked up a few cookbooks at the same time.

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OH yippieeee So glad you are finally able to get DSL. We are on a newer line from the phone company. They had to do another hole in the floor for it. A separate line and all. The speed is really fast. Both of us on laptops at the same time and there is no bog down. I do not remember the #s for speed. It is good enough.

I noticed the other night when checking my internet connection I am picking up the signal from our new neighbor. We are not on DSL. It is a wireless set up within the house. So we are getting her signal on the router. Guess it is time to pass word protect my signal.

The DSL filters are cheep. A couple of dollars unless your company has some thing really different.

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Shades, I was sent a plug in splitter which divides the jack in two. I'm just hoping that the cost won't escalate rapidly(the taxes, surcharges and misc. fees are always so high. My phone calls cost $12 but the fees etc. are $30+.

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ERF We have the same here. Internet is some thing like $24.00 but I end up paying $36. I feel that is false advertising. At least they should put down the cost of the taxes and other charges up front. Hoping the best for you. We rarely do anything as far as entertainment so we consider the internet and TV our entertainment.

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