Wanting to make an address marker with ceramic tile

LaraJanuary 14, 2008

Can someone who's done this shed some light on the project? I'm not sure if I should glue numbers or paint them on, and if painting what sealer to use?? I will be placing it in front of my house where it will be subjected to all kinds of crazy Chicago weather extremes. I was thinking maybe use some type of wooden frame around the tile. The discarded tile I found in the basement is about 4" x 4", and it's very slick, probably bathroom wall tile. Thanks for all replies.

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Laura, go over to the Stained Glass & Mosaic group and ask them. I would say use no wood because it would rot. But ask them, they have a lot more experience with this than I do. Carol

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Try Redwood or Cedar but ask at the lumber yard. Also find out what to seal it with, and touch it up every year.

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You will need to paint the numbers on....for sure and seal over that......and then use pressure treated wood.....and that you can stain, and then treat with sealant each year. Much like the wood used for a patio...deck. It will withstand all weather...Good Luck,

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I have seen address markers made by using a metal tray. You put your address numbers on first then glue mosaic shards around them. Grout and seal then Hang. I'll be making one as soon as I get my tray.

Good luck!


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Mimi when you get yours done can you post a picture please??

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I made one on a silver tray several years ago, then moved, so it got left behind for the new owner :(

They are pretty heavy when finished, so make sure that they are attached tightly to the wall, or wherever they are being put. I hung mine between 2 well-positioned trees with chain like on the 1960ish hanging lamps. Recycling is good. It was heavy enough that the wind didn't move those babies one iota. :)

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