Look what I got today!

lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PAJanuary 23, 2007

Let me first apologize about the links for all the pictures. I have no idea how to get them INTO my post to alleviate the copying and pasting. If anyone can enlighten me, I would be so grateful!

I got these windows at a used furniture store for $1 each!! I'm planning on using them as a frame for my Lord's Last Supper picture that I have that I got a few years back at a garage sale for .25 and I repainted the wood frame. I want something with a little more pizazz and this will do it! As for the other ones, I want to get a picture for one of them to hang on a bare wall on my second floor and then maybe use the others for.....???? Ideas? I have enough tables or I'd do that. :)



I have below also a table I made about seven years ago out of a typesetter's drawer with a stand we had that the top cracked in half. It was perfect for my husband's racing car collection!



Then the big window is going to go behind a bar down in our game room and we're going to light it up from behind and display our beer glasses we've collected. Got that one for free from a neighbor up the street!


I have another window project in my house that we finished a few years back, but my husband is adding something to it as I write, so I want to wait to post those pics!

And then, I got this also for $1 today. Going to paint it and hang it outside near one of my gardens along the fence or somewhere inside! :)


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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Here are the pictures this time. I figured it out with some help from a Garden Web member! :)))

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Ideas for windows - make a window box and attach to bottom of window, place floral and/or greenery swag at top of window or use a garland to go up one side and across the top, etc., using picture mattes if needed for size to inside pane-put pics of family and friends, decorative paint something on the windows, use half marbles to make a design (GE Silicone II glue them to the window) to make it look like a stained glass window.

Have fun with your windows and please post more pics when you're done. P.S. Absolutely love that metal scroll thingy in your last pic. So decorative and will look great in your gardens.


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Here's the website I spoke of with the teacups/plates on the windows (I was wrong though, it wasn't a nine pane window). I think that is such a cleaver idea though.


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Me Again Alicia,

I just found this site - WOW, I'm impressed!!!



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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Hi Sal. Thank you for the great ideas and the links. I'm going to go visit them now!! A little later I'm going to post the other window project that we did. I just wanted to try and scan the before pictures of it if I can find them. :) It's so fun to see befores and afters.

And I will definitely post everything once I've completed them. Now that I know how to insert the pictures, I'm all set! :)

I was excited when I saw that iron scroll thing. The first thing I thought of was putting it in my garden. I love garden art here and there.

Thanks again,

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Lady Alicia - I can't see your pictures. Did you already take them off photobucket? You have to leave them there if you want us to see them.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

Hi Lydia. They're shown towards the top of the page. At first I couldn't figure out to put them in, so I put the links (which they are still over at photobucklet), I just don't thik the links are working. But a GW member helped me with inserting them into the email, so then I did that right below my first post. So you should be able to see them above. At least I can. ??


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I can't see them either. I just see a box with a red X. I'm glad it's not just me.

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lady_alicia Zone 5/6 PA

I think it's this particular forum, because sometimes I can see them and sometimes I can't. They're still over at Photobucket. I didn't take them off from there. I have some of the same pics posted over at Gardenjunk and they're perfectly fine, and they're also from Photobucket.

These are chairs I got and posted over at Gardenjunk:


And this ia a lantern I had redone that I posted over at Gardenjunk:


It says this forum is running slow at the top, so I'm thinking it's just this forum. Otherwise, why would my pics be fine over at Gardenjunk and not here?? Same exact photos, imported the same exact way from the same exact site (Photobucket). :)

I'll try to put them in again. Here goes.....


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I can see them today!! Great items you have. I love the last table where you showed the top.

Good luck with the windows!

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