Garden Bench /Headboard

Lady_Bug_1January 29, 2005

Looking for directions on how to make a garden bench out of and old headboard and footboard,



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Is the headboard metal or wood? Basically you use the headboard for the back of the bench. Cut the foot board in half and it becomes the sides. Add a solid seat and you have a bench, :)


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Thanks Timothy
thought that was how but wasn't sure
had seen one done a long time ago..

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Lady Bug, did you see this post? There are pictures.(below)

One tip I would pass along, when using the footboard for the arms, esp with queen or kings, is to figure out how deep you want the seat to be. Just cutting the footboard in half may make it a lot deeper than you'd want it. DH made one, and it's so deep it can be used for a daybed. Not good when you're looking for cushions. Of course you can MAKE a cushion if you're handy that way.

Here is a link that might be useful: bed to bench

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