Need input on 2 questions - 1 on the lite and another one

desertstephOctober 17, 2012

Jed rebent the bent parts of that fixture back to where they should be (like they were butter). Now I have a fixture that has working parts that are fine and mostly looks fine (unless you look close). It does only have 1 glass globe to it.

I just don't know if it's wrong to still use it. (I don't usually have problems in this area - I'm normally very cut and dry on these things.) This instance just seems weird to me and I think I'm not viewing it clearly.

Just throwing it out seems so wasteful. It'd probably be fine up high on the laundry room ceiling. Still has the dent in it but who'd be looking up there? I won't. I'm not sure either how the light from it will seem w/out a globe over all 3 bulbs.

Anyway, anyone got any words of wisdom on this? They sent me a new one to replace this one that was bent in 3 areas, had a dent and 2 broken globes when it arrived. I did plan to order 1 or 2 more of this lite for other rooms if I liked it IRL (and I do when it's all in 1 piece and not bent outa shape). I think it'd be a great fixture for my bathroom and for over the kitchen sink.

The other question is - When my son was here I gave him the choice of pillow cases to use. His old ET one or a geometric print one that belonged to his older brother - who died many, many yrs ago. My son recognized his brother's pillow case immediately and wanted to use it. He didn't even seem to notice his own old ET 'case' (yeah, very old). I'm thinking that maybe I should pack his brother's pc in with his gift at Christmas. Let him have it (to use or hang on a wall or whatever). It does have a small rip in it - so, should I stitch it up or just let it be as it is? I have no idea how or when the rip got there. I have used it a few times over the yrs. The other kids probably used it over the yrs while still home. (not something I kept track of). Just as soon as I agree with myself that I should stitch it up, I switch and disagree with myself...

Such life shaking questions - eh? lol!

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If the company wanted the light back, they would have asked you to ship it back. As it is, they left it up to you what to do with it. If you have a place to use it where the defects won't be seen, then use it. If it will bug you every time you look at it because the defect jumps out at you, then trash it or donate it. The only thing I wouldn't do is sell it. It just doesn't seem right to me to profit from it. But again, they left it to you to do whatever you want.

About the pillowcase, I'd mend the tear before giving it to him. Do you think he wanted it while he stayed with you because of the sentimental value or because he didn't want to sleep on a child's pillowcase? ;)

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thx marti - I agree it wouldn't be right to profit from it. I guess I think if I do use it I will be profiting from it!
What I'd do with it never crossed my mind until Jed (like superman) bent it back into shape and said 'it's still usable'. He had it back in usable condition (sort of) and that made me have to think (not easy some days!). He said he could probably get the dent out but I said 'it'd be up high, who will see it?' He suggested I put in chandelier type bulbs and I guess that'd work ok. I know if it's on the laundry room ceiling the dent won't be noticeable (and I won't care).

I guess I'll just have to have him put it up and see how it looks with those bulbs and no globes.

I doubt it'd be worth the cost of postage to send it back. Many places don't want the damaged product back. QVC usually doesn't. These people didn't even mention it which was good 'cause I wouldn't be wanting to haul it to the PO.

the pillow case - it was definitely because it was his brother's. His face lit up and he said right away he'd use Mike's. The ET one wouldn't have bothered him for a night or 2 here (but not something he'd buy for himself - lol!).

I had many options to give him and wouldn't have even bothered giving him a choice if I hadn't seen those 2 in the stack. I included the ET as an option if using his brother's would bother him.

While in one of the other rooms I also ran across a pic of the last furbaby we got while he was still at home. She died in '97 and also a pic of him when he was about 8. When he was outside I put them both in by his makeshift bed.
about his 8 yr old hair cut he said 'That haircut is wrong in all ways possible! how could you do that to a kid? I'd never do that to my boys.' lol! I picked it up and looked at it - fairly normal hair cut for a boy in about 1980 - and that's what I told him. 'it was the style then'. silly son.

as for mending it - yep, that's what I usually come up with. Then I start doubting myself. Have no idea why 'cause it'll just help keep it in good condition (as good as it is after all of these yrs anyway).

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Definitely mend the pillowcase so the rip doesn't get any bigger!

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A few years ago I ordered a faucet, one of those high arch pull-down types. When it came, the button you press to change the spray was in the front, instead of the back like it should have been. I called the company and they sent me a new one and there was something small wrong with that one too (I don't recall what) so they sent me a third one. When I asked if they wanted the other two back they said no because they didn't resell items after the boxes were open. They suggested I "do something nice for someone" with them so I gave one to a neighbor who was a bit down on their luck and needed it and one to Habit for Humanity. But if I needed a second one personally, I would have kept one. The point is, if companies want damaged products back, they'll issue a call tag, but usually it's not worth the price of shipping for them. My view on this is that you dealt with the hassle, fixed it to the extent that it's fixed and that you should have no qualms whatsoever in using it if you have a place for it. Most nonprofits probably won't want it because its technically broken so you using it would certainly be better than having it end up in a landfill. Just my 2 cents!

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Steph the first light they sent you was damaged and globes broken. Since your son took the time to repair it and some day if the chandelier bulbs do not work you will have to buy new globes. It was an inconvenience to you to have to deal with any of this so I say use it as you want and never give it another thought. You still do not have the globes for it you need. You are not profiting from this in any way.

I agree fix the rip to keep it from getting any larger.

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thx all! good input too. that HFH wouldn't even take it is a good point. Most people probably wouldn't even attempt to still use it. I really hate the idea of just trashing it and like that many on here also try to reuse things rather than trash them.

it was inconvenient for sure that it arrived bent and broke. I had to find a container to put the broken glass in - I never put glass in the trash uncontained - gotta think ahead about those dumpster divers! and even anyone like the trash picker uppers who might have to touch something and could get cut by it.
and there were phone calls, taking pics and emailing them to the company (twice - they were rejected the first time for file size).

and shades - there is your point that I might be buying new globes too. They are very small but I have seen other lites w/small ones so maybe lowe's has replacements for it. 2 of those would most likely cost at least half of what the lite did! The fixture was only 34.00. larger globes (like for bathroom lites) start at about 8.00 each. A smaller globe doesn't mean a cheaper globe either.

and the pillowcase - ya'll reinforce to me that mending it to preserve it is the best way to go. #3 son won't do that so mom had better do it!

thanks again - all my doubts on both have flown out the window! that's just what I needed - clarification.

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mama goose_gw zn6OH

desertsteph, I agree with the above post, on both questions. You might want to check Goodwill for used globes--I've seen basic styles there.

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