Antique pic frame needs help!!

indiangumJanuary 27, 2006

Bought a big old wooden frame( for 5$) that had been left outside, now some of the decorative bits are falling off at an alarming rate! Is there any fix for this? Spraying shellac maybe?

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Can you post a picture? That might help someone come up with ideas.

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I dont usually post here but I've finished a few frames that were in bad shape. Let them dry out, keeping them indoors. After that I've used Plaster of Paris mixed rather thick or you can buy Spackling compound and use that. Using a small knife or your fingers you can sometimes fill in the spots that have fallen off. You don n't need to follow the pattern exactly as some are difficult to duplicate. Later you can paint it all one color or use some gold paint for part of the frame. Good Luck !

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